Chablé Maroma

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Chablé Maroma - Allured by sea and sky

Nestled amidst a lush protected natural area, Chablé Maroma is named after the Reserve of Punta Maroma, one of the best-kept secrets of the Riviera Maya, where the tropical jungle meets the powdery expanse of a 650- foot private beach and the brilliant turquoise sea stretches out across 758 acres. The reverence for the ecosystems has informed its design, so the dunes are fully intact, creating the most secluded and spectacular stretch of beach on the Peninsula.

Its 70 lavish villas balance seclusion with a fully immersive beach experience offering a harmonious blend of luxury and nature. Paying homage to the local Mayan heritage, the renowned interior designer Paulina Morán has incorporated regional materials and accented them with pieces crafted by esteemed Mexican artisans, creating a truly unique and elegant vacation experience. Wellness in Chablé Maroma is redefined as you need it to be. Every aspect of your stay offers the opportunity for you to take as much from it as you need to, wherever you are on your wellness journey.

The Spa experience centers around the ocean as the ultimate energy source, where life is dynamic and ever-changing. Healing rituals such as the Temazcal, the Baby Bleassing Wave and the Cacao Ceremony, which are led by a Mayan elder, include elements of Mexican traditional medicine to help you release any blocking energy and open yourself to greater peace and contentment.

The sea and the freshest Mexican produce have a strong influence on the menu at the restaurants that offer unforgettably delicious meals prepared by Resident Executive Chef Luis Quiroz, under the leadership of the Corporate Chef Jorge Vallejo.

Coral outplanting experiences, agave spirits tastings and classes focusing on ingredients central to Mexican cuisine will give you new skills to take home with you. You’ve never experienced the Riviera Maya the way you will experience it at Chablé Maroma.