Château des Fleurs


Château des Fleurs - An ode to the parisian lifestyle

Nestled on a serene street just steps from Avenue des Champs-Elysées, the Château des Fleurs blends heritage with modernity through its "neo-Art Nouveau" design by Quintana Partners, a Barcelonians designer duo. This boutique hotel boasts 37 rooms, a bar-restaurant, a gym, and a spa by Omnisens, catering to both travelers exploring the capital and Parisians seeking tranquility.

Drawing inspiration from early 20th-century Paris, Quintana Partners imagined the Château des Fleurs as a nod and a wink to this Paris of La Belle Epoque. The hotel’s name borrows that of a marvelous garden owned by the patriarch of Parisian festivities, Victor Mabille, on the same street where high society of the 19th century rubbed shoulders with night-owls of all origins.

Guests are warmly welcomed by the team, enhancing their stay with personalized touches like chic leather key rings. The bar, overseen by Head Barman Julien Quettier, offers exclusive cocktails such as the "Spritz des Fleurs," while Chef Ji-Hye Park's restaurant OMA continues the culinary tradition of her mother’s Korean cuisine, now blending Parisian flavors.

Inside the rooms, the atmosphere is cozy with gentle lines, rounded bedheads, bedside tables and ceiling reliefs. As a bonus, an equally delightful Parisian experience: an excellent night’s sleep beneath sloping attic roofs in one of the split-level Junior Suites on the 5th floor. Partnering with Omnisens, the spa provides bespoke treatments for a rejuvenating experience, based on naturopathy. The plunge pool, sauna and unique fitness room with wooden furnishings allow everyone to unwind in style.