Chikwenya Camp

Chikwenya is a photographer’s paradise

The Chikwenya Camp keeps charming its visitors with an amazing location. It is situated at the boundary of the Mana Pools National Park and the camp overlooks the Zambezi River. The Rift Valley escarpment provides a breathtaking backdrop and rounds off the alluring vistas of the Chikwenya Camp. In fact, this African gem is often regarded as a photographer’s paradise due to unique opportunities to immortalize the lush landscapes, flora, and fauna. There are thick forests of Natal mahogany and Albida trees which provide shelter and sustenance for a lot of the indigenous species. The inviting Chikwenya Camp offers great accommodation as well.

You can stay at one of the seven high-end tents that sit on slightly elevated wooden decks. Each tent features huge windows that seem to break the barrier between you and the rich landscape. But you probably won’t be spending a lot of time in the tent.

The camp organizes day and night game drives, wood walks along the Zambezi River, and wildlife photo-safaris by boat. If you are down for some romance, the Sunset Cruise down the Zambezi River is the thing for you. The play of light and colors as the sun goes down is bound to stay etched in your memory.

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