Chile Mountain Tours

Chile Mountain Tours offers ski adventures that invigorate and excite

While the epic snow-capped volcanoes are stunning to behold, nothing compares to the feel of the wind whipping past your body as you glide down the mountain through the pristine snow. Chile Mountain Tours offers adventurous and sports-minded travellers the exciting opportunity to do just that. Indulge your thrill-seeking side while skiing the many monumental peaks in the country, a genuine chance to commune with nature and the local Chilean people. Anyone who has had the privilege of skiing in Europe or the United States will recognize the unique opportunities presented by Chile Mountain Tours. The country itself offers a completely different ski environment, with rugged terrain and immaculate beauty. The contradiction of tall volcanoes and planar lakes is enhanced seamlessly by the interspersed Araucaria forests that embellish the region. Travellers will discover a new world in which skiing becomes an adventurous journey.

The Luxury Ski Adventure Tour offers guests the once in a lifetime chance to ski five famous volcanoes in Southern Chile. During this journey, participants will also bask in the glorious hot springs and dine on a gourmet Chilean barbeque. For a more heart-pounding excursion, the Ten Volcanoes of Southern Chile Tour encapsulates the amenities of the Luxury Ski Adventure and adds an additional 5 volcanoes to the list of slopes.

For a more relaxed compromise between the previous two tours, the Seven Volcanoes of Southern Chile Tour allows ample time for both ski excitement and downtime. Those looking for an extended adventure will find the Hidden Gems: Corralco at Lonquimay Volcano Tour exceeding their needs. During this 4 or 7 night extravaganza, travellers are dropped at the Valle Corralco Hotel and Spa for private indulgences and ski instruction.

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