City and the Sea


City and the Sea - Tailor-made, life-changing trips and services in Egypt

"City and the Sea" offers a premier travel concierge service that merges the historical allure of Egypt with world-class luxury travel experiences across the globe.

Specialising in bespoke journeys, they cater to those with discerning tastes, crafting experiences that blend the elegance of ancient cultures with the comforts of modern luxury, wherever their clients wish to go. From the moment clients share their travel aspirations with them, the team of experienced specialists gets to work.

Leveraging an extensive network of VIP connections worldwide, they design exclusive experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Whether arranging private tours with leading scholars, hosting exquisite gatherings by the Nile, or providing breathtaking hot air balloon rides over the Valley of the Kings—or similar exclusive experiences in other parts of the world— their aim is to fulfill the grandest of visions.

Their services are designed to make the extraordinary accessible, transforming lofty dreams into tangible realities on a global scale. At "City and the Sea," they pride themselves on delivering unparalleled personalised attention, ensuring that even the most experienced travelers are captivated by the bespoke luxury and meticulous care they offer.

For those who choose "City and the Sea," the journey transcends the typical travel experience, entering a realm where every detail is crafted with precision and every luxury is tailored to create unforgettable moments worldwide.