The Colombian Trip


Welcome to your Colombian Trip

The Colombian Trip is the key to a soul-stirring, eye-opening journey into a most magical country, Colombia.

The Colombian Trip is a boutique travel agency that weaves custom itineraries for travellers eager to explore all of Colombia’s treasures. Catering to those who seek luxury interlaced with effortlessness, the agency unearths the heart of Colombia's allure. With their deep roots in Colombia, their travel designers can craft travel experiences that awe you at every turn, from the colourful colonial architecture of Cartagena to the brilliant blue waters of Colombia's Caribbean coast.

Venture deep into jungles, forests, mountain-top villages, and cosmopolitan cities, with the help of their expert local guides who will pamper you all along the way. The Colombian Trip’s Team feels so proud and happy to have an incredible team that lives, breathes, and loves what they do. Their biggest inspiration is how they can impact travellers with memorable experiences.

Indulge in the serenity and fluidity of private guides, chauffeurs, curated encounters, and seamless transfers. Rest assured they will work with thoroughly vetted travel guides and establishments in destination, and safety and comfort are always top of mind. Their local guides—which include experts in their fields, such as historians, anthropologists, and biologists—, are eager to unveil the secrets that lie beneath every sight.

The Colombian Trip will manage all of your travel components, for a truly seamless escape.