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communication plus - Personal relations. Tailored solutions. International network

communication plus is not a brand. The agency bears the face and the smile of its founder Ruth Gamper. She and her team view themselves to be an internationally networked, high end boutique PR agency. For over 20 years, communication plus has been taking the utmost care of their discriminating clients in travel and hospitality, lifestyle and design in the field of public relations, communications, tailor made consulting and international press.

The agency’s activity also includes the extensive support of start-up properties in hospitality as well as the repositioning of existing companies and ranges from the initial creative burst of an idea through detailed project planning and individualized style consulting all the way to the successful market launch and the entire presence in a whole gamut of top international press.

Only meticulously and personally screened gems enter the portfolio of communication plus. Ruth stands behind the selected projects with her entire skill set, and her passion. She only represents what she herself believes in, and over the course of the years, this rock-solid credibility and competence have earned her the greatest esteem among the editors-in-chief and journalists of the leading international travel, lifestyle, luxury and design magazines.

The special clients of communication plus are as handpicked as their ideas are unique. If the mission of a project is a good match for the agency’s values and visions and Ruth recognises the distinctive and the authentic in the lead-up to its history, then she makes the project her own with total enthusiasm and dedicated professionalism.

Ambitious and unique ideas are what inspire Ruth Gamper. Together with her team and clients, she tirelessly puzzles over divining the true vision of a project, bringing it out as the genuine message, and having the public experience it fully.