Como Shambhala Estate

Como Shambhala Estate is a symphony for the senses

Bali is known for its natural beauty, and at the Como Shambhala Estate, you can enhance your own natural beauty, from the inside. The Estate sits atop 23 acres of sprawling jungle, complete with its own rare healing spring. Hidden near the artisan city of Ubud, the Como Shambhala Estate is an idyllic retreat for sublime relaxation. Steps from the River Ayung you will find pure contentment in this enchanted setting.

The accommodations at Como Shambhala Estate provide a residential environment that is anything but pedestrian. All varieties of visitors are welcome on the estate, from single travellers to families a peaceful respite awaits. Choose from individual rooms or suites, retreat villas, private villas, or residences, each offering breathtaking views and spaciously adorned surroundings. Crisp white linens play off of the naturally earthy teak and mahogany, embellished by the emerald, olive, and chartreuse of the surrounding jungle. Each space provides the opportunity for quiescent relaxation throughout your stay.

At the Como Shambhala Estate, you may indulge your inner epicurean at the two delectable restaurants, Kudus House and Glow. Both feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients and menus centred around healthful Indonesian cuisine. If you prefer a more intimate setting, room service is available from each restaurant day or night. For the ultimate in sensual dining let the Como Shambhala Estate staff create a private dining experience for you and your guests in an exotic locale.

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