Concentric Advisors

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Concentric Advisors, the risk consultancy company that specialises in delivering strategic security and intelligence services

Concentric Advisors is a risk consultancy that delivers strategic intelligence and security services to their clients. Concentric works with both private clients and corporations to solve a variety of security challenges, ranging from executive security, protective services, secure staffing and threat intelligence monitoring to strategic advisory services.

Security today is about innovation. Security providers must continually think several steps ahead, anticipating threats and avoiding reactionary responses. In order to maintain their position at the forefront of security trends, Concentric’s approach is shaped by the company’s values: integrity, collaboration, relationships, excellence, creativity, and results. Concentric enables their clients to succeed by providing security solutions that facilitate opportunities rather than limit possibilities.

Concentric regularly supports high-profile travelers in the United States and abroad. A trusted team of experts provides their clients with peace of mind – the ultimate luxury. Concentric is prepared to provide secure driver services, executive protection agents, or residential security agents as well as numerous other bespoke security services tailored to fit the desires of their clients. All operations are supported by Concentric’s internal 24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) where their team of professionals continuously monitor for natural disasters, acts of terrorism, health advisors, criminal activity, and any other events that may impact the safety and security of their clients.