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Endless discovery with world-leading adventurers, Cookson Adventures

Since 2009, Cookson Adventures has dared to be different, exploring the unknown to provide their clients with irreplaceable memories. Anyone can travel, but not everyone knows how to explore. It’s why Henry founded the experiential travel company – to elevate adventure and deliver something new. Naturally, their knowledge spans all corners of the globe. From the rarest to the remote, they search the planet to unlock activities and bring you to the forefront of the next big discovery. This experience allows them to open closed doors and design life-changing itineraries, from diving to shipwrecks in the world’s most advanced submersibles to helping scientists locate an unknown species of killer whale.  Whether it’s an epic family getaway or a solo expedition, tell the team of specialists where your interests lie, and they’ll begin handcrafting the most personalised of adventures. It’ll all be fine-tuned to your curiosities, drawing on a network of world-leading experts. Think conservationists, submersible pilots, marine biologists, archaeologists, polar explorers and more. It’s incredible what can be achieved when minds like this come together.