Cosy Hideaways:
A warm invitation to frosty lands and wintry refinement
A story by Zoila Checa

Crisp, thin air and virgin, glacial snowscapes tenderly step into our world while winter makes its grand entrance, accompanied by a fair share of crackling log fires and comfy jumpers, of course. This only means that us, passionate travellers, will have to give in to our new-born desires in light of the frosty charm that fills the atmosphere and embrace an adventure through the most exclusive private properties in Europe for this winter season.

Whereas some may choose to hibernate in the chillier months, savvy wanderers know that this is the ideal time to experience fun, fresh adventures – ones enveloped in a mantle of snow, warmth and cosiness.

What lies ahead is frankly the season’s dream come true: a curated selection of refined properties that are the epitome of winter luxury and boundless fun. From sustainable arctic private estates to alpine farmhouses, wood-wrapped private mountain lodgings right by the ski slopes, and unparalleled villas in Finnish Lapland. Whether you are a sport’s enthusiast, adventure-seeker or indoors lover, here goes a sweet avalanche of sophisticated wintry retreats in Europe that will surely become much more than a hideaway.

Discovering the French Alps, indulging in some fireside relaxation or yoga after admiring the Northern Lights, ice skating under a full moon in the Swiss wilderness, skiing through the Andorran slopes… The following sanctuaries offer no less than extraordinary experiences, so be sure to prepare a steaming cup of hot chocolate to accompany you on our inspiring journey through these wintertime havens.
Octola Private Wilderness & Spa in Finland during an Aurora sky spectacle
As the saying goes in gorgeous Finland, “in the land of a thousand lakes, winter’s beauty awakes”, and with it comes a striking “Talvimaisema” (winter landscape in Finnish). The best of the country during this time can be summarised as an enchanting wonderland of snow-covered sceneries, exceptional cultural experiences, and outdoor activities. From watching the mesmerising Aurora Borealis dancing across the sky at dusk to husky sledding, savouring a hearty stew in a village log cabin, or cross-country skiing and snowmobiling through the soft peaks of the land; Finland is the perfect blend of natural beauty, adventure and leisure for those seeking a memorable winter getaway.

Nestled in 600 hectares of private forest in Finland’s Arctic Circle, Octola Private Wilderness & Spa represents one of the world’s most sought-after private luxury estates with a negative carbon footprint. Offering unmatched exclusive privacy for an intimate experience, it is comprised by a ten-bedroom private lodge and a two-bedroom luxury villa –with a spa and health clinic- built sustainably using genuine local Lapp and Sámi traditions, and offers a world-class service all year round. To be precise, a Sámi architect was involved in the development of OCTOLA from the beginning, with the estate's design being influenced by the founder's concept of new luxury and drawing inspiration from traditional Lapp 'laavu' buildings that were historically used to provide shelter for nomads.

“We connect guests with local culture, food, and nature, setting a commitment to personalised luxury in Lapland. With round-the-clock wilderness guides and locally sourced cuisine, every moment is extraordinary. OCTOLA is more than a hotel; it's your Lapland home for cosy nights and cherished moments with loved ones”, explains Sergio Costa, Marketing Manager at Luxury Action, the travel company that graciously oversees OCTOLA.
                           Exterior of an OCTOLA villa during an Aurora Borealis
                         Aerial view of OCTOLA's secluded forest location & Spa
                           Villa bath & amenities
                         One of the villas during festive season
But what really makes this estate stand out is its extensive forest setting and, accordingly, its privacy. In fact, Sergio is quick to point that OCTOLA is a ‘private wilderness’ not even findable on Google Maps. All guests must switch off the geolocation settings of their phones before arriving at the property, so this is truly the perfect option for those who want to disconnect and explore the white wild in the winter.

Given its reserved location, it’s only normal for the property to offer a vast variety of on-site facilities, as well as fully bespoke activities and experiences both in their private spa and outdoors. “In addition to relaxing in our traditional wooden saunas and enjoying the privacy of our exclusive spa, guests can interact with the surrounding reindeer, which offers a unique glimpse into the indigenous Sámi culture. For those seeking adventure, we provide snowmobiling for all ages and the exhilaration of ice driving with cars or buggies. Our private lakes provide a picturesque setting for ice-skating, ice fishing, and guided Northern Lights viewings with the expertise of a scientist”, explains Sergio with enthusiasm.

And as if that wasn’t enough, for a true cultural immersion visitors can enjoy a ‘Joik’ performance by original indigenous Sámi individuals, while the youngest guests partake in a fascinating private meeting with Santa Claus in the forest or interact with the elves, ensuring a memorable experience for them too. Surely, these exclusive winter activities allow guests to create lasting memories in Finnish Lapland, a destination that Sergio describes as a “harmonious blend of breathtaking winter views, the freshest air in the world, and the serene embrace of silence".

Octola Private Wilderness & Spa capitalises on this by not only offering a pristine, private location to enjoy the unspoilt beauty of Finland, but by also granting special access to the natural marvels of the Arctic Circle. “Our luxurious amenities, including private saunas and spa facilities, ensure that guests can enjoy ultimate relaxation while taking in the panoramic winter vistas. We've harnessed the enchanting aspects of Lapland's winter to offer our guests an unforgettable journey that celebrates the pure, untouched beauty of the region. It's a place where one can find tranquillity, adventure, and a connection with nature, all while enjoying the utmost in comfort and luxury”, concludes the estate’s Marketing Manager. Being the revolutionary accommodation that it is in this scenic spot, OCTOLA unquestionably meets the needs of the most experiential guests, and as it’s founder, Janne Honkanen, put it, once there it is time to leave stress behind “and savour the healing qualities of Lapland’s stunningly beautiful natural environment”.
                       Warm living area inside an OCTOLA villa
                                 Pristine OCTOLA bedroom with snowed landscape views
                       Exclusive cristal-covered room for ultimate wintry refinement
                                 Etherial dining experience at Octola Private Wilderness & Spa
Austria: Chalet N from afar, in the Alps
Set on the slopes of Oberlech above the tasteful village of Lech, Chalet N is one of the most impressive rental chalets in the Alps, blending traditional alpine-styling with high-end interior design and offering ski-in/ski-out access, as well as panoramic views of the famous
Arlberg massif, a prominent mountain range located in the western part of Austria popular for its stunning alpine sceneries with high peaks, deep valleys, and a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities.

“The winter season in Arlberg, one of the five largest ski areas in the world, is just around the corner, and Chalet N in Oberlech invites you to spend some time in the most beautiful season in the neighbouring Alps. As our guest, you can enjoy your skiing holiday in exclusive comfort. In the current season, many ski resorts are critically assessing the snow depth in the Alps. However, the Arlberg region always proves to be very safe, with excellent snow levels throughout the winter. Chalet N is perfectly integrated into the Arlberg ski area, with 300 km of marked slopes and another 200 km of open terrain and deep snow for all levels of skiers”, explains Barbara Fenu, Cluster Sales & Marketing Manager of the establishment.
                           Outdoor lounging at the snowy chalet
                          Exteriors of Chalet N in Oberlech
Elevating the standard for exceptional comfort, the chalet spreads across five floors and is to be rented for exclusive use only. There are ten select suites available for a total of 22 guests –with private balconies overlooking the wintry highlands-, plus numerous lounges, restaurants and a large spa area, all of which combine special materials of the region with contemporary details and technology. This way, guests can dive into the allure of the authentic alpine architecture and look forward to every imaginable comfort, starting with a shuttle service for arrival and departure, a 24-hour concierge, and security staff and ski coaches upon request.

“It is without doubt one of the most impressive rental chalets in the Alps. The excellent quality of Chalet N is evidenced by multiple awards, including the Falstaff Hotel Guide 2023, where Chalet N was once again awarded 100/100 points and thus easily led the 'Top Ten Austria'. Furthermore, Chalet N is ranked number one among the best hotels in Austria in La Liste. It is also in the top 10 hotels in Rank 5. These awards impressively underline the exclusive quality that this special winter sports hideaway offers its guests”, says Barbara.
                           One of Chalent N's warm, wood-covered suites
                          Bathroom area
Moreover, the spa and wellness offer is also broad, with a sauna, salt tunnel steam bath, pool and outdoor whirlpool in the snow, making for the most relaxing welcome home after a day out skiing and exploring the Arlberg region, the largest connected ski area in Austria. Full of mountain railways, lifts, and about 300 km of pistes, Chalet N’s location has international reputation as an impeccable winter sports resort, where you can also spoil yourself with some heli-skiing or cross-country skiing, night tobogganing, ice skating and even snowshoe touring through the slopes.

And when the time comes to snuggle up inside, there’s a stylish home cinema set up to enjoy great film classics or the latest releases in high quality. To enhance the experience, you have the option to indulge in a fantastic massage at the wellness area, visit the billiard room, or conclude your day by savouring a glass of wine and dining at one of the four sophisticated restaurants.

“The excellent service at Chalet N meets all the needs of guests seeking the extraordinary in the midst of the original. The spa and wellness area is complete, with a sauna landscape, a swimming pool and an outdoor snow whirlpool - along with drinks and snack service - while wellness experts and personal trainers are available exclusively in the spa area. The kitchen and wine cellar perfectly complement this service. The kitchen team is available 24 hours a day and perfectly satisfies guests' culinary desires”, points out Barbara.

From established dishes from the Voralberg region, such as roast pork and Wiener schnitzel to the traditional Kaiserschmarren dessert –a type of torn, fluffy pancake that is said to have been a favourite of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I-, the gastronomic offer at Chalet N is all home-based and of utmost quality, and is completed by international delicacies such as tuna from Spain and Italian white truffles.
                           Wine cellar at Chalet N
                          Exclusive Spa & Pools
                           Billiard room for some post-ski entertainment
                          A classic night in with the home cinema experience
Also in the refuge of Austria, precisely about 10 minutes east by car, lies Severin*s - The Alpine Retreat, a splendid hideaway located in Stubenbach, a town that belongs to Lech am Arlberg and which attracts nature and sport aficionados all year round too.

Undoubtedly, one of the most enchanting aspects of winter in this location is the virgin, snow-covered landscape that transforms the region into a peaceful winter wonderland. Chatting away with Barbara Antonie Willibald, Director of Sales of the prestigious Severin*s Resort & Spa brand, she enthusiastically elaborates, explaining how the opulent hotel directly sheds light on this by offering guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the alpine scenery: “Our guest rooms and common areas provide panoramic views, ensuring that guests can fully appreciate the beauty of winter. We have carefully integrated features such as big windows and private balconies to allow guests to embrace the magic of wintertime at their own pace. Moreover, the warmth and cosiness of the season is celebrated with private fireplaces and hot beverages like mulled wine and hot chocolate, creating a serene and comfortable atmosphere that sets us apart in offering an extraordinary and memorable winter experience for our guests in Austria”.
                           Severin*s - The Alpine Retreat Chalet
                         Severin*s - The Alpine Retreat
With it being smoothly settled on a mountain slope, it provides some splendid views of the landscape, but this beauty effortlessly makes its way indoors too, with the hotel masterfully melding tradition with modernity. As Barbara says, this results in a cherished, comfortable stay.

“Guests experience the warmth and comfort of wood with the perfect blend of modern technology, Italian furnishings, and contemporary art. Our uniqueness lies not only in the size, with only 9 suites and our 423-sqm2 ‘Residence’, but in our commitment to crafting an unforgettable winter experience in the heart of Austria. At Severin*s, we combine the charm of a quintessential alpine village with modern luxury, offering a seamless fusion of tradition and contemporary comforts”, she explains.

All guest rooms –which run up to 67 m² in size- and common areas have been meticulously designed while still providing incredible views to the mountains and an overall unperturbed ambiance, highlighted by private fireplaces and the option to order hot pick-me-ups to your room. Plus, the hotel is also wonderfully adorned with artworks carefully selected from regional artists, creating stylish accents that enhance the unique, local atmosphere of the chalet.

After sipping through the start to a wondrous holiday with a welcome glass of champagne in your spacious suite, your eyes will inevitably be drawn to the elegant touches that dress it up smartly: furniture by the Italian label MINOTTI and box-spring beds by WITTMANN, LOEWE televisions in each living and sleeping area, REVOX sound systems, and iPads integrated into the walls for controlling the multimedia and lighting. Everything has been thought of to take the experience to a whole other level of comfort before and after any snowy undertaking. In fact, lest not forget the lavish à la carte breakfast available in the restaurant from 07:30 am to 1:00 pm to get you going!
                           Severin*s Chalet Master Bedroom
                         Chalet living area with burning fireplace
                           Floor at the Severin*s Chalet Residence
                          Kitchen area at the Residence/Chalet
Outside, the resort villages of Zürs, St. Christoph and St. Anton can be discovered in the immediate vicinity, while the entire region of Lech offers a proper paradise for skiers. If delving into snow activities is top on your list, the hotel ensures easy access to exceptional slopes and personalised winter adventures that they can arrange for you, such as snowshoeing, ice skating, sleigh rides, or winter hikes with veteran guides. And when you are in need of some culinary fuelling up, the gourmet restaurant awaits to savour regional Austrian dishes with international influences and fondue, paired with an extensive wine selection.

To culminate the experience, says Barbara: “After a day of adventure, our well-equipped luxury spa, with saunas, steam rooms, and massage services, provides relaxation and rejuvenation. Meanwhile, families travelling with children will appreciate our children's playroom, and we offer childcare services for a seamless and enjoyable experience for all. Our top priority is guest satisfaction, and our personalised service reflects this commitment”.
                           Hotel Sauna 
                          Pool within the Severin*s - The Alpine Retreat Hotel
The beautiful valley where the swiss Carlton Hotel is located
In the same icy breath, yet distinctively, Switzerland shares the beauty of an Alpine wintery scenario with Austria. This time, however, the region conjures up the aroma of exquisite Swiss cheese fondue, visions of hikers ascending towering snow-covered mountains, skiers elegantly descending slopes, and lush properties offering the picture-perfect setting for a treasured vacation.

Perched high above St. Moritz lake, the Carlton Hotel boasts some of the most spectacular views of the Engadine Valley, a picturesque and culturally rich region in eastern Switzerland. The area is celebrated for its lush meadows, pristine lakes, historic villages, invigorating thermal baths, and world-class winter sports, embodied by St. Moritz resort itself. 

Ryan Imboden, Director of Sales at The Tschuggen Collection, home to the Carlton Hotel, points out that the locality, however, is much more than just a holiday resort: “It was also the birthplace of Alpine winter tourism (in 1864) and has twice hosted the Winter Olympics. Every year prestigious events such as the White Turf (horse race), Snow Polo or I.C.E (old-timer car show) take place on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. The beautiful sun terrace at the Carlton Hotel offers an amazing 360-degree view to all of these events going on at the lake. The vicinity of the stream is also the reason for many celebrities and athletes of the prestigious events to opt for the Carlton Hotel as a starting point and a place of retreat at the same time. Plus, The Carlton Hotel, St. Moritz offers for our VIP's the largest Penthouse Suite in the whole destination”.

As such, the hotel also provides a gateway to an impressive array of outdoor activities, from winter canyoning soaring on ziplines past frozen waterfalls to exploring the caves of Morteratsch Glacier, and even the exhilaration of Skijoring, a sport that traces its origins to St. Moritz in 1906 in which you stand on skis while being pulled by a horse. And whether you also seek the serenity of forest bathing or the revitalising experience of ice bathing in Lake Marsch, the Carlton offers it all in a stunning mountainous setting.
                           Carlton exteriors to wine & dine with a view
                         Elegant interior settings at the Carlton Hotel
The Carlton Hotel
Rest assured, adrenaline, new discoveries and winter fun is guaranteed here, and there’s also the more conventional option of snowboarding or skiing, since the resort has 87 World Cup-standard pistes across four ski areas: Corviglia/Piz Nair, Corvatsch/Furtschellas, Diavolezza and Lagalb. And if in doubt, the Outdoor Butler is always on hand to help you find the best way to explore the landscape.

Additionally, says Imboden: “The Carlton Hotel offers the Moving Mountain program - a holistic holiday experience helping guests to strengthen vitality, rediscover nature and celebrate life while enjoying lots of winter activities, such as torch hikes, tobogganing, glacier cave tours, horse-carriage rides, forest bathing, snowshoe hiking or ice bathing as well as many culinary offers. The Carlton Hotel offers its clients free limousine transfers to the ski station or the city, access to the Spa, as well as 100$ FB credit per day per person which can be used at all our restaurants, bars or for the afternoon-tea”.

For a very long time, the resort of St. Moritz has been an esteemed alpine holiday destination, complete with a variety of museums and galleries –like the Segantini Museum-, lovely shopping spots and nightlife. In this sense, since it is sheltered from the town but still minutes away from the buzz, the Carlton offers the perfect base and an intimate sanctuary. With just 60 rooms, the hotel promises additional space and extremely attentive staff for each guest, as well as the unique opportunity to connect with the power of the mountains in all sorts of manner. What’s more, after an action-packed day amid the snow, nothing beats a visit to the Carlton Spa, which spreads over three floors and offers a holistic spa menu to prepare you for the next day’s frosty to-do’s.

“St. Moritz's most intimate luxury hotel offers some of the most spectacular views of the Engadin Valley and Lake St. Moritz from every room, with a two Michelin-starred gourmet cuisine, a 1'200 m2 holistic Spa and the largest penthouse suite in St. Moritz”, adds Imboden.

As the Swiss like to put it, “in Switzerland, winter is but a blank canvas to paint memories”, and it’s a stunning one at that!
                           Relishing the warmth of the Carlton living spaces
                         Ready for some well-deserved sleep at the Carlton
                           Spa & Wellness Area
                         Skiing in St Moritz with Carlton Hotel
Meanwhile, in southeastern France, winter means cold cheeks and warm hearts in the gentleness of snow. Situated in the Mont Blanc massif, the town of Megève features a pedestrian centre with handsome paved medieval streets, snow parks, cross-country trails, and designer boutiques alongside rustic-chic villas.

Rescued from ruin up in the hills of the French Alps, Les Fermes de Marie is the perfect calming retreat in this lovely village. Made up of authentic alpine farmhouses, the hotel spans across the pastures just like a small hamlet, lying in a 4-acre park in the heart of the village and creating a timeless haven away from it all.

“Megève is the most enchanting, picturesque and authentic village in the Alps, with its cobble stone pedestrian streets, its majestic illuminated fir tree in the village square and its slopes winding through the pine forests, with the Mont Blanc range as a backdrop. Les Fermes de Marie and our chalets reflect perfectly the lifestyle of the village, a mix of charming simplicity and elegance”, points out Mathilde Tissot, Global Sales Manager of the hotel and brand.

Just like that, the 70 rooms and suites through nine interlinked chalets explore the comfort of a soulful décor and ambience, harmonising warm, aged wood with period furniture and modern amenities, all inspired by the Sibuet family, founders of the hotel. This makes it an excellent choice for travellers in search of authenticity, distinction, and tranquillity while living in the mountains with a unique sense of place. As Mathilde says, “the result is a very special, rustic-chic atmosphere, where guests experience a real timeless retreat, with simplicity and discreet, subtle refinement”. Here, the notion of excellent service takes on its full meaning, and guests are in the best hands with a concierge that has been an expert on the destination for over 30 years!
Les Chalets des Fermes de Marie, in Megève
                           Room with a bath inside Les Chalets des Fermes de Marie
                         Cosy double room in Les Chalets des Fermes de Marie
As for the winter activities available, the hotel is located just five minutes away from the village on foot, while the shuttle bus can take you to the nearby Chamois cable car in five minutes too if you’d like to enjoy a ski outing. Bear in mind that the place is a true spectacle in the winter, and the Evasion ski area offers slopes for all tastes and levels. To get geared up, the hotel contains a ski shop in the Tower, with an expert that will advise you on the best accessories before the shuttle takes you to the slopes.

Les Fermes de Marie is definitely all about chic skiing, great French cuisine, relaxing in the mountain spa, and enjoying the lovely offering for children, since it’s also a family-friendly establishment complete with a kid’s club, Le Hameau des Enfants, and a dedicated concierge that organises heaps of fun activities. Additionally, says Mathilde: “Play areas are set up to be age appropriate, and a dining room with its own private kitchen is where children take their meals. Set a little apart, in a wooden mazot (tiny chalet) with large windows affording a view of the kitchen garden, there is even a cookery class activity for budding chefs”. In fact, for families or groups of friends looking for more privacy without sacrificing the well-deserved 5-star service, the property offers a collection of special chalets, including a dedicated housekeeper, breakfasts and afternoon snacks, as well as concierge services.

The Pure Altitude Spa is the premier wellness facility at the hotel, and includes two swimming pools, steam baths, Japanese baths, Jacuzzis, saunas and care cabins that provide excellent post-ski relaxation. “The Fermes de Marie spa is renowned across the Alps, with more than 1000 sqm of wellness facilities and 13 treatment rooms. It’s the cradle of The Pure Altitude spa and beauty cares, created by the owner Jocelyne Sibuet, and elaborated with mountain plants and edelweiss flowers”, explains Mathilde lovingly.

To top this off, several dining options are offered: Le Restaurant Traditionnel, proposing fresh cuisine for every season in the main chalet; Le Carnotzet, the cheese restaurant; Le Vieux Megève for some great Savoyard specialties; Le Beef Lodge, a prime steak house; and Le Relais, with mountain cuisine from Italy, Savoy and Switzerland.

So, if you are in need of some French, snow-covered brilliance this winter, certainly opt for basking in the beauty of Megève at this five-star cosy cocoon of a hotel for the entire family, which also offers an array of exclusive chalets to ensure further privacy (such as Les Chalets des Fermes de Marie).
                           400 m2 Rental Chalet - Les Chalets des Fermes de Marie
                        Pure Altitude Spa at Les Fermes de Marie Hotel
Sunrise in the Andorran slopes, by Steven Roussel
To wrap up this invitation to frosty lands and wintry refinement, there’s no better destination than Andorra, a tiny, autonomous country nuzzled in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. Here, the world is also draped in a spotless layer of snow, where snowflakes glisten in the sky right above skiers and snowboarders riding down the white-glowing hills and drops of the resorts of Grandvalira, Vallnord-Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís.

Part of the Sport Hotel Hermitage, the fine-looking Hermitage Mountain Residences were opened in December 2017. Located in the Andorran area of Soldeu at 1.850 metres above sea level, they present a new concept of luxury residence in the Pyrenees. With a total of nine fully-equipped residences that range from two bedrooms and 120 sqm to 8 bedrooms and up to 500 sqm, most of them enjoy wonderful views of the slopes in Grandvalira, the biggest ski resort in Southern Europe and a perfect place to enjoy a ski holiday. Plus, they all include butler service as well as a cosy fireplace for some afternoon warmth and rest.

“We provide a discreet service in a relaxed but elegant atmosphere, in an incredible homey environment that makes our clients feel unique and pampered while on vacation”, says Gema Vicedo, Director of Business Development at the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa group.
Hermitage Mountain Residences in Andorra
                           Hermitage Mountain Residences Dining
                         Views to the mountains from the cosy interiors
In fact, the Hermitage Mountain Residences are perfectly integrated into the landscape, having been built with noble materials such as stone and hard wood that make up a modern yet warm and comforting décor. This way, the five floors that give way to the spacious, peaceful residences conform an exclusive building with all the facilities of a five-star world leading hotel and the comfort of a private chalet.

As for the exclusive winter amenities and experiences that guests can appreciate at the property during the season, apart from all the regular services that a client expects when staying at a select 5* property, such as 24hrs room service or VIP welcome amenities, the mountain abodes adapt their services to the client’s needs.

As Gema explains: “They decide where to have breakfast and when, they are not stuck with timings; they have a butler at their disposal to organise their stay prior to their arrival and during their visit. We provide them, for example, with our ski guide service on the first day to show them around the 210 kms of ski slopes at the Grandvalira resort”.

Similarly, within the resort's area there is a collection of activities to explore. These options include taking a ride in a hot air balloon, soaring through the skies with paragliding, cruising on a snowmobile, or experiencing the exhilarating sport of "mushing," where expert dogs pull a sled through the snowy terrain.

It’s no wonder, then, that the property has an innumerable amount of guests repeating their holidays here year after year. Why? Because they feel at home. “Guests feel relaxed, and we don’t have strict dress code required. But on the other hand, they have the possibility to enjoy an amazing dinner at our One Star Michelin Restaurant, or to have the best Spanish ham and tapas at their residence with the fireplace on!” says Gema.

                           Sumptuous interiors of Hermitage Mountain Residences
                         Bedroom in Residence Les Planelles
                           Living area at one of the residences
                         Hermitage Mountains Residences - Lodge
Surely, our journey through these bewitching winter havens has been nothing short of a magical odyssey. From the Arctic Circle all the way to the small wonderland of Andorra, each destination has revealed a rare tapestry of winter awe, with private hideaways that not only provide exquisite accommodations but also curated experiences that celebrate the season in all its glory.

As we wrap up, one thing is abundantly clear – winter is not just a season; it's a canvas upon which these locations paint delicate memoirs with our friends and family. So, whether you choose the silent beauty of Finnish Lapland, the lively traditions of Austrian villages, the chic elegance of Swiss resorts, the timeless allure of French alpine retreats, or the exhilarating slopes of Andorra, may your winter escape be filled with affection, adventure, and the joy of creating lasting memories in the heart of frosty lands.
Zoila Checa
Zoila's true passion lies in the art of storytelling, whether that is in print, online, or on screen. Bilingual in English and Spanish since she was born, and versatile by nature, she has a professional background in journalism, travel writing, and screen acting, all of which have led her to live and work in places like London, Madrid, Ibiza and Los Angeles. For Zoila, writing serves as an ingenious channel to convey her profound love for soulful travel, singular cultures, and their transformative impact. She currently resides in Mallorca, her native island in Spain.