Cotton House Hotel

Find authentic Barcelona at the Cotton House Hotel

Set in the former location of Spain’s Fundacion Textil Algodonera, the 19th-century grandeur of the Cotton House Hotel exemplifies everything magical about Barcelona. Embellished with neoclassical style and infused with bygone romance, elite travelers are welcomed into an era where cotton was king and everyone is treated like royalty. The Cotton House Hotel offers guests a choice of seventy-eight guest rooms and five spacious suites. In an area where the quality of cotton textiles is held in the highest regard, visitors should expect to find the most supple and delicate linens and amenities in each guest room or suite. Spaces are designed with the natural beauty of the cotton plant in mind, including the employment of subtle colours and natural fibres.

The guest rooms of the hotel have aptly titled the Panama, the Madras, the Cotton, and the Egyptian Cotton. Each guest room is large enough to comfortably accommodate a small family or a couple who enjoys the privilege of more space. Bright sunshine glows with the ever-present use of crisp white linens that billow lazily in the breeze. Each of the guest suites proffered by the hotel is the epitome of luxury and Spanish charm. From the elegant Taffeta and Ottoman Suites to the Opulent Vichy and Damask suites, guests may have a difficult time selecting where they wish to stay. These suites are truly sensational in their detail and design, including colorful frescoes and decorative moldings that are a sight to behold.

Guests of the hotel will experience traditional Spanish fine dining at the on-site Batuar Restaurant and Bar. Serving up local delicacies and regional favourites, the restaurant is open all day for each guest’s convenience. The Batuar Bar offers an extensive selection of wines and spirits, along with a signature cocktail menu that is sure to please. Tempt your taste buds with a choice of Tapas and Croquettes from the Batuar Restaurant menu, such as Prawns with Chocolate Sauce or Foie Gras Bonbons. Enjoy a sinful caviar selection, healthy dining options, or even a classic Spanish brunch.

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