Croatia & More


Discover the hidden gems of Croatia & More

Croatia and the countries of the Balkan region are a world of its own waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. With Mediterranean climate & cuisine in coastal parts, and mountains and thermal sources in the continental parts, these locations offer different experiences that can be combined in one holiday. Authentic heritage mixed with middle European and Turkish influence will keep your senses entertained at all times, enriching your lifestyle and relaxing at the same time.

After many years of travelling all around the world and 10 years of sailing yachts charter business in Croatia, the team of passionate travellers founded Croatia&More. From their pure passion and enthusiasm for discovering and preserving Croatia's and neighbouring countries’ rich cultural and natural heritage, the idea was born!
Croatia&More is specialized in tailor-made luxury travel with extensive knowledge of local hidden gems, expertise, and resources in designing and delivering a perfect experience, listening to the clients’ specific needs and wishes. Company’s travel specialists will create a completely personalized holiday and provide a client with a unique trip to create a lasting memory.

The company’s focus is on the best and most exclusive hotels, camps, lodges, and villas, sailing boats & luxury yachts - all personally visited and hand-picked to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction. With a perfect logistical framework, a fleet of modern and comfortable vehicles and excellent ground arrangements Croatia&More ensures the safest and the most comfortable way of travelling in these challenging times.  Finally, It’s most important our clients’ trips are exceptional and delivered to their high expectations so that they will travel again with us and recommend Croatia & More to their friends and family.