Crossing Condotti


Crossing Condotti - A tale of daring, a desire to host guests from all corners of the globe, and a great excuse for some art shopping…

When a lawyer, bored with her corporate law job met a large-scale hotelier from Sicily, little did they know that they would soon be embarking on more than just the adventure of marriage together but also the journey to opening one of the first boutique hotels in Rome. They decided to convert a palazzo that they own beside the Spanish Steps into a boutique hotel that was more like a home away from home than anything else. 12 years later Crossing Condotti has expanded to 9 rooms on 2 floors and a fully equipped serviced apartment with a constant flow of international travellers stopping by to make themselves at home while visiting the eternal city.

Crossing Condotti is overflowing with character and culture. The guest experience starts from the building itself which is a historical palazzo built in the 1700s and continues when you enter your uniquely styled room. After restyling the property again in 2018 guests now enjoy a fresh mixture of antique portraits, iconic pieces of design from the 1920s–1970s and modern art.

Privacy and excellent service are key features of a stay with Crossing Condotti. The concierge team pride themselves on knowing all the nooks and crannies of the city and suggest the best spots and eateries make sure that guests have a fabulous time both at the hotel and in the city.