Curated & Bespoke


Curated & Bespoke, European Travel Design Handmade in Germany

With the experience of almost 40 years in the international luxury hotel and travel business, Thomas Tritschler founded Curated & Bespoke in 2021, born out of a desire to create a business that is based on his personal values and ethics.

With Curated & Bespoke, he has founded a unique boutique advisory firm for incoming travel to Europe. The company specialises in handmade travel planning and authentic experiences and plans these mainly throughout Germany, but also in some neighbouring countries.

Thomas has always had an inherent passion for excellence and authenticity. Which is why Curated & Bespoke aims to connect people, provide sound advice and take an imaginative approach. Tailor-made trips are being created for individually travelling guests who are ideally curious and interested in discovering beyond the familiar travel experiences.

Rich history, world-class craftsmanship, beautiful nature, family heritage or art and culture spanning several centuries are just a few of the many other themes worth exploring on a trip to Europe. Curated & Bespoke stands out for their commitment to the guests who travel with them, but also for their appreciation of the guests who experience the stories they tell about the destinations they know.

Everything Curated & Bespoke does revolves around the people and partners they feel deeply connected to. The journeys they plan for each individual guest are unique. The result is a tailor-made trip with passion and attention to detail, from the idea to the finished piece that is truly handmade. Handmade in Germany.