Das Posthotel

Das Posthotel, enjoying the beauty in life

Life is beautiful. Do you believe that? The first thing one will see upon loading the website for the elegant Das Posthotel in Zell im Zillertal, Austria, is the words “Life is Beautiful.” Behind the words, images of wood-lined interiors fade in and out, displaying the natural beauty of the suites and other rooms at Das Posthotel. The design of this luxurious hotel was intended to bring together elements of both traditional feelings and modern design. All of the rooms are lined with wood flooring, and many natural wood accents, such as cupboards and doors.

There are ten different styles of suites to enjoy at the Das Posthotel. Like the rest of the resort, they are all designed and decorated with the utmost care and attention to detail, creating a calming atmosphere of relaxation and refreshment. All of their suites have at least one side facing the east, directed so that the morning sunlight will grace the panoramic windows and flood into the rooms. In addition to the panoramic views that look into the gardens, the suites have a large balcony with terrace furniture, perfect for sitting out in the sun and relaxing.



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