Discover one-of-a-kind experiences with DayAway

DayAway is the world’s leading online marketplace for guests to discover and book curated daytime experiences at their favourite hotels in a seamless way. An innovative and intuitive platform, DayAway has created a new market category for travellers searching for unique, engaging and restorative daytime experiences.

Whether it’s a spa and swim wellness package, a special afternoon tea experience or a chance to work from a beautiful hotel suite, DayAway connects people with accessible, enjoyable experiences that allow them to relax, reflect and recharge. From celebrations with family to meetings with valued colleagues and intimate events, these can all be booked at the touch of a button, with immediate confirmation and service.

A trusted hotel partner, DayAway has helped global hospitality brands earn incremental revenue while simultaneously generating meaningful brand engagement with guests, corporate clients, private clubs, and exclusive partners. Its ground-breaking offering was awarded the Skift IDEA Award Winner 2021 for Tech & Innovation.

DayAway’s journey began in Singapore in 2021, and swiftly launched in Hong Kong and Thailand the same year, with international expansion to key markets globally in 2022.