Designer Trips


Discover the riches of Argentina with Designer Trips

Designer Trips Argentina is a boutique destination management company, specializing in tailoring unique travel experiences that create once-in-a-lifetime journeys. Argentina is one of the most mesmerizing spots on the planet; an incredible country full of stunning landscapes, rich history and culture, delicious wines, mouth-watering gastronomy, and remote places ready to be explored. At Designer Trips, the team is passionate about hand-picking the most original experiences and crafting every journey as unique and memorable for the clients. These professionals strongly believe that travel is about getting out of one’s comfort zone and opening up all senses to a whole new environment.

The Designer Trips team has travelled through the region extensively in order to find the most remarkable places and activities, those hidden gems that will then allow them to craft each trip in a personalized way. This is how Designer Trips create a meaningful and inspiring experience for each traveller.

Visiting Argentina with this team will ensure that any visit to this exceptional country will not be forgotten.