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American Excursionist, the VIP Pass to America

America has many great destinations to offer tourists. American Excursionist is a luxury inbound travel company and will help you enjoy those destinations. With exclusive VIP passes, after hours tours, and unique experiences not offered to the public, American Excursionist plans a variety of trips across the United States and the Caribbean, including Alaska, Hawaii and parts of Canada.

Trips For All Types

What is your passion? Is it food? Art? Extreme adventures? American Excursionist organizes vacations around specific interests to give you exactly what you’re looking for. The main categories to choose from include: the arts, food and drink, people and cultures, sports and adventure, nature, social good, and wellness.

All American Excursionist adventures are tailor made, allowing travelers to choose what they want to see and do. The trips within these interests’ categories provide good examples of what is possible for people to do, but clients can change the itinerary to meet their specific needs.

American Excursionist caters trips for businesses looking to give their employees a weekend getaway, couples on their honeymoon, families on school break, and private journeys for people looking for something a little different than the average vacation.

American Excursionist has partnerships with over 250 deluxe and boutique accommodations, including the top luxury brands, unique lodges, ranches, luxury motorhomes and villas, where they pass on the best rates to their clients.

Travel With A Purpose

Many people who choose American Excursionist want to travel somewhere that will make an impact on their lives, or somewhere they can make an impact on the lives of others.

One of their excursions involves a tour of the coffee trail in the Dominican Republic. This one-day venture takes clients through the different villages in the Dominican where many of the world’s coffee beans are harvested.

The social good category offers guests trips to places that will teach them something. Tour the political hotspots of Chicago and learn about both past and present politicians who are impacting America or learn about the Civil Rights movement in Washington D.C. from the perspective of a current activist.

Follow Your Dreams

Ever thought of going to the Tribeca Film Festival? Do you dream of going to a jazz club, but don’t have anyone to go with? Do you have a passion for art shows and want to experience more?

American Excursionist will set you up with VIP access to any of these events that interests you. Want to wear a designer dress on the red carpet? Prepare your Oscar speech and travel with American Excursionist to the Academy Awards.

Art shows, film festivals, fashion shows and other events turn into full-blown vacations with American Excursionist.

If your dream is not to meet famous actors on the red carpet, but rather to just meet a certain mouse without waiting in line behind ten fussy children, American Excursionist can make you a VIP in Disney World for a day. Skip the lines and experience the most out of Disney World in just one day.

Something For Everyone

The company’s staff, guides and drivers speak 15 major languages and proposals can be provided in the language of your choice.

For artists and activists, for businesses and families, American Excursionist can help you plan the right vacation and get behind-the-scenes access to places you may have only dreamed of going. Even to places you may never have even thought about dreaming of.

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