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Italy to your taste with Authentic Italy

Where does one begin with Italy? Whether you are heading to the beach or to the mountains, to the vineyards or to the cities, there are endless possibilities for unique experiences in Italy’s regions, each with its own gastronomy, history, cultural traditions, and even language.

With 20 distinct regions, each with its own spin on Italian culture and flavors, no two trips to this incredible country are alike—nor should they be. In fact, at Authentic Italy they like to say that exploring Italy is like exploring 20 different countries. Talk to this fine company and let them plan the trip you have always dreamed of taking from the Dolomites in the North to the Aeolian Islands in the South.

The travel experts at authentic Italy have explored extensively Italy’s vast territory, and have hand picked the best partners to provide the explorers with the most personalized travel experiences throughout the country. The mantra “Italy, to your taste,” sets the tone of all programs, transforming them into culinary journeys, where cuisine is a getaway to culture, and every bite and sip enrich every moment through the most memorable epicurean experiences of a lifetime.

Authentic Italy takes a consultative approach, anticipates the needs of guests and addresses any need that might occur during a trip. So, the travelers sleep dreamily while Authentic Italy takes care of every detail. The guest is in seasoned hands. And that’s what makes Authentic Italy so special.

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