Baltic Luxury

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Baltic Luxury, Travel and Lifestyle for the most demanding clientele

Baltic Luxury is a private travel designer of luxury travel services in the Baltic region and neighbouring countries for the most demanding clientele, with its extensive portfolio of unique and unforgettable activities and experiences. The company is owned by two veteran travel industry women who have engaged only the very best suppliers in the market, including the most selective hotels and experiences, with creative planning to structure true luxury experiences. Baltic Countries can provide top class service for the most demanding clientele. Baltic Luxury Lifestyle offers access to the most unique experiences and high-touch lifestyle services to high-net-worth individuals and corporations.

Baltic Countries are considerable destinations and a great alternative to other much-visited destinations. It’s the combination of old and new, Medieval and modern, which gives the Baltics its unique flavour. Baltic Countries are small and it’s easy to get around. That means you could stay in a luxury hotel suite in the city one day and in luxurious country manor houses the next day.

        Baltic Luxury, Travel and Lifestyle for the most demanding   


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