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Bespoke splendour on the Coast of Dalmatian with Calvados Club

The experience of luxurious travel has long been the speciality of Calvados Club, a widely known and extensively connected destination master. For those travellers who are ready to explore the famous coastlines of the Dalmatia region in Croatia, Calvados Club can offer the best in bespoken luxury touring. With its enormous selection of locations in the area, Calvados allows travellers to experience some of the most luxurious spas in the world, to go island hopping in the Adriatic Sea, as well as to explore the medieval wonders of the ancient coastal cities of Croatia.

Getting Around in Style

When you join Calvados Club you ensure that you will be enjoying the best in vacation service. Luxury vehicles will be your mode of transportation every step of the way. When you voyage around the islands of Croatia, you will have the option of sailing on sea cruisers, motor yachts or sailing yachts. Calvados Club offers a fleet of seaworthy vessels that can bring the sumptuous life of the islands to you. There are over one thousand islands on this coastline, and as you journey among them you will enjoy the best in yachting leisure. You can chart your own course as you explore these islands of the Adriatic. Every day of your trip you will be able to visit the coastal towns and cities of this Mediterranean area, each of them filled with cultural and historical points of interest.

The Ancient World Reborn in Splendour

In Croatia, Calvados Club offers accommodation at most impressive hotels and villas. In Dubrovnik, these residences are remarkable for the level of lavish décor and comfort they boast. The Old Section of the town sits on a small, jutting peninsula, and the Calvados Club residences all feature glorious views of the medieval walls and roofs of the city, perched above its picturesque little harbour. In the town square stands the Pucic´ Palace Hotel. Along the southerly line of the harbour, the other villas and hotels offer the best in luxury relaxation. The Villa Dubrovnik features the most contemporary design, and the Villa Sheherezahde provides a breathtaking look into the past with its Moorish architecture, complete with turquoise dome.

The Dazzling Array of Croatian Luxury

Croatia is a land with a long history and tremendous natural beauty. As a touring outfit and destination master, Calvados Club focuses on making as much of the area as possible a part of the traveller’s experience. Whether sailing to one of the many islands or journeying inland to taste gourmet olive oil at a farmer’s house, the best regional guides will escort you. Horseback tours are available for the intrepid countryside explorers, and in the cities of Croatia, you will have your choice of cultural programmes to enjoy. In addition to the beauty of its landscapes, Croatia has a grand tradition of luxurious living to uphold. Calvados Club will gladly introduce you into this seductive world.

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