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Catherwood Travels takes adventurers deep into the heart of the Mayan World

Catherwood Travels is a Destination Management company that specializes in unique experiences in the Yucatan region of Mexico. The Mayan culture is explored and discovered through the luxury travel options provided by this well regarded travel company. Based upon the legendary travels of Frederick Catherwood and Lloyd Stephens, each bespoke adventure illuminates the mystery and surprise of the Mayan culture that they found so long ago.

Mayan Experiences with Catherwood Travels

The Expeditions, Encounters, and Adventures proffered by Catherwood Travels are truly one of a kind. This is the chance for global trekkers and jet setters to delve into the Mayan civilization, through an immersive experience. Follow the route taken by Catherwood and Stephens and witness the intrigue of lost architecture and monuments, including Chichen Itza and Uxmal.

The Mayan population is alive and thriving in the Yucatan Peninsula. Here, the people have preserved their heritage over the centuries. Meet with these locals and learn more about their culture. Take time to listen to their stories and watch them create exquisite hand-crafted art. The local Mayans are incredibly warm and welcoming, always willing to open their homes to those who wish to learn more about their culture.

The natural landscape of the Yucatan Peninsula offers an abundance of adventure for those willing to explore their surroundings. Spend an afternoon searching for the prized jaguar or swimming with dolphins on the coast. Sport fishing and bird watching are favorite pastimes, as are deep sea diving and cave exploration journeys.

Taste the Culture and the Lifestyle

One of the finest ways to experience the Mayan culture is through their love affair with food. Traditional recipes have been passed down through the generations, and still take full advantage of the local ingredients grown by the Mayan farmers. Catherwood Travels can schedule cooking classes, forest foraging visits, and experiences at local Mayan gardens.

The small cities and towns that make up the Yucatan Peninsula are brimming with archaeological and architectural wonders. Make stops at villages in Merida, Izamal, and Valladolid to witness views of a once forgotten civilization. Head to Mani or Uayma to meet with some of the most hospitable locals you could ever find.

Catherwood Travels provides four preset tour programs for travelers who do not wish to hand-craft their own itinerary. These trips can last three to ten days, and take full advantage of the beauty and splendor of the region.

Superb Haciendas

Nine private haciendas are available for guests who book with Catherwood Travels. Each of these locations offer luxury accommodation and the finest Yucatan amenities. These haciendas, which are completely private, are located throughout the Yucatan State, and provide excellent venues for rest and relaxation between your itinerary excursions.

While enjoying five star accommodations, take part in one of the many cultural events that occur in the Mayan region of Mexico each year. Explore Cosmology and music, Botany and Astro-Archeology through one of the many adventures planned with Catherwood Travels.

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