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An enticing taste of the Baltic countries with Delta Deluxe

Unique, sophisticated and off the beaten path are the keywords which accurately define the philosophy of Delta Deluxe. Being a destination management company (DMC) founded in 1991, the team is proud to
provide a long-term experience as a leading tour operator in the Baltic region and neighbouring countries.

Their perfectly tailored itineraries guarantee their clients a well-balanced selection of high-end accommodation, the finest gastronomy, original visits, authentic encounters, undiscovered yet impressive locations, fascinating sceneries and much more. Delta Luxe will always go the extra mile to please their discerning clients and carefully consider their needs every step of the way.

In order to fulfill their clients’ needs, the Delta Deluxe team will tailor the itineraries to suit their personal wishes and pursuits. The foodies are invited to discover the secrets of the Baltic flavours, while going on a voyage of discovery through the country’s culinary landmarks. Picturesque castles, beautiful palaces and meticulously renovated manor houses in rugged landscapes invite travellers to a romantic journey through time. From the 13th Century up until some decades ago, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have been under the rule of nearby kingdoms and nations, leaving behind examples of stunning architecture.

What could be a better region for sustainable tourism than the Baltic States where the landscapes are
surprisingly diverse – deserted beaches, deep forests, picturesque lakes and rivers, mysterious swamps
and rich flora and fauna which are just some of the treasures awaiting travellers conscious about the

For women travellers, dedicated “Ladies Travel” escapes and journeys offer safe, high-quality, escorted
small group tours, designed by women for women who want to get out and about together while enjoying
specially selected women-interest activities.

Riga Opera Festival, Richard Wagner, Elina Garanca are only some of the key words for the music lovers
to get enticed and come to come to discover the Art Nouveau city of Riga and enjoy the world of music.

With Delta Deluxe, everyone is warmly invited to discover the beautiful Baltic countries and its neighbours through a perfectly-balanced mix of history, architecture, gastronomy, music and nature.

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