Dharma Adventures

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Explore the marvels of the Himalayas with Dharma Adventures

Dharma Adventures is a niche Destination Management Company, offering personalized services to clients looking for life-changing experiences in Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and India.

They have been operating in the Himalayas since 1991, growing steadily while ensuring that the quality of their services remains high and the product, top-notch. Their aim is to provide their clients with every viable and unique experience the Himalayas can possibly offer. A fine selection of handcrafted itineraries are always available to be customized as per the client’s requirement and all the trips are carefully planned for FIT and group travel.

Dharma Adventures has offices set up in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, which help strengthen a deep-rooted interest in these areas. Agile, knowledgeable and efficient staff, top of the line equipment and well-maintained vehicles have always been the backbone of this company. A strong focus on safety, hygiene, minimum environmental impact, and social giveback has proven well and this DMC continues to pursue it.

The guides are highly qualified on the field, they are all trained in Wilderness first aid and are experienced to detect any signs of altitude sickness and act accordingly. Some of the equipment they carry on the treks include a PAC (Portable Altitude Chamber), first-aid kit with all basic medicine, an
oxygen cylinder, Steripen for purifying water so that this professional team can discourage the use of bottled water, fresh liners for the sleeping bag etc. which they know from experience that many companies operating such trips do not carry.

On the social side, Dharma Adventures also has a social profit company, called the Dharma Karma Society, which has been funding education for children from low-income families and providing monthly donations to different orphanages.

Dharma Adventures is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism and is a member of Sustainable Tourism International, USA, and at its helm, the founder and owner, Mr. Pawan Tuladhar, always ensure the company’s availability, responsiveness, VIP mindfulness, friendliness, and professionalism towards the travel design of every trip.


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