Discover New York and Beyond, your bespoke travellers outfit for America’s Beacon

Discover New York and Beyond

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Discover New York and Beyond, your bespoke travellers outfit for America’s Beacon

In the United States, bespoke tours are requested on a regular basis and include luxurious accommodations and personalized itineraries. If you want to visit New York City, the crown jewel of the American East Coast, you will need a destination management company with the expertise to cover one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Since 1993, under the leadership of Kitt Garrett, Discover New York and Beyond has provided customers with the best in customized, unique and special access experiences. Discover New York and Beyond designs unique Experiences for both private and corporate customers and their families.

 The Bright Lights of Bespoke Evenings

Clients are assured of as much entertainment as they would like with access to sold-out Broadway shows, sporting events and concerts.  Large groups and corporate customers will be able to focus on busy seminars or meetings with as much time dedicated to recreation as needed. Discover New York and Beyond has the ability to bring the finest luxuries of the greatest city in the United States to all its clients.

Each itinerary is custom designed to meet individual goals and budget.  Discover New York and Beyond will help you go beyond the New York you may already know, and explore the five boroughs with expert educators that bring the city to life, neighbourhood by neighbourhood. Meet the artists in their studios, visit the hot galleries, meet a cast member from the show you will see, meet the players at a sporting event, or explore a variety of dining options as you taste your way through the city.

Conference and Meeting Support

In the city of New York, Conventions occur on a daily basis. Any Corporation that wishes to maximize its time spent in the city should carefully consider the services of an expert destination management company like Discover New York and Beyond. For instance, even the tightest meeting schedule will require intense logistical support. These services are easily found, but in New York, finding the right vendor can be challenging. Additionally, recreation is always a prime attraction for conference attendees, and Discover New York and Beyond will select the perfect experiences, for the group and spouse that are attending.

Extensions Beyond the City

With the assistance of Discover New York and Beyond, New York’s most glamorous and sumptuous settings are always available.  DNY also offers bespoke tours in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Norfolk/Jamestown/Williamsburg, as well as Charleston and Savannah. Local, on the ground knowledge is a must when planning itineraries that require quality, luxurious accommodations, special access and tours and Discover New York and Beyond offers a great way to experience unique and customized touring in this part of the world.

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