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Experience India as Never Before through Eastbound India

More than a simple tour group, the knowledgeable professionals at Eastbound India have created a destination management company that takes world travel steps beyond the rest. Guaranteeing an experience that is genuine and fulfilling, each traveller is engrossed into the history, culture, and traditions of the region.

Destination India

The country of India is ideally suited for exploration and discovery, from its centuries old temples to its religious and historical culture. This destination is not merely a place to visit for a weekend, but a location that deserves thorough inspection. Guests on an Eastbound India tour have the opportunity to experience parts of the country that often go unseen by tourists.

Of the many illuminating experiences to behold, while on a tour of India, the people who live in the region and their generous ways is something that remains with travellers long after they have departed. Guests of the Eastbound India tours will find themselves immersed in the culture and heritage of the land, as homes and religious practices are open to each and every guest.

A Trip Built for Discovery

When guests of the Eastbound India select a Discovery themed itinerary, they may not completely grasp just what it is they will be discovering. While one may imagine that a Discovery trip is meant to assist in the exploration of a city or culture, in the end, each guest inevitably starts to discover things about themselves as well.

The Discovery itineraries proffered by Eastbound India are divided into six bespoke categories. Guests may choose to spend time discovering and exploring the artistic nature of India, from the stunning design concepts and architecture, to the amazing photographic opportunities. Others may choose to spend their holiday walking a spiritual journey, where the concepts of peace will surely lead to further self enlightenment.

Alternative discovery trips may include a lengthy journey to experience and participate in the many festivals that occur in India throughout the year, or even an itinerary that connects guests directly to the locals. The culinary and food voyages are ideal for travellers with an eye for epicurean experiences, while the wellness and renewal holidays are built around desires for whole body and mind transformations.

Alternative Experiences

Eastbound India’s experiential travel itineraries are built to be a life changing experience, with a focus on holistic and natural healing techniques which are native to the country. Through this engaging journey, guests are immersed completely in the heritage of the Indian people, and the land they love. Very much like a religious pilgrimage, guests will encounter the elements of India that have sustained the people for centuries.

Educational travel itineraries provided by Eastbound India are meant to supply a well rounded educational experience for all who participate. Allow yourself to become immersed into the daily lives of the locals, take part in the ceremonies, speak the language, and eat the delicious foods from the region. At the end, guests will feel like they were on a true vacation, not always realizing how much they learned along the way.


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