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Elite Travel & Tourism brings the Arabian Peninsula to life for bespoke travellers

Located at the easternmost corner of the Arabian Peninsula, where the Indian Ocean wraps itself around the mountains and becomes the Gulf of Oman, the city of Muscat has welcomed travellers to its threshold for centuries. Muscat is the capital city of Oman, and today that nation is the centre of a tremendous stretch of luxurious hotels and other urban amenities. To explore this very new yet utterly ancient world of hospitable customs, exotic mountains, and extensive sandy beaches, you will need a destination manager that can guarantee an elite level of service and bespoke travel accommodations. Elite Travel and Tourism, founded by Amur Hardan in 2005, is a provider of bespoken travel services in Oman, whether urban or countryside. With the extensive resources necessary to create a customized luxury camping trip high in the Al Hajar Mountains, as well as the experience necessary to create spectacular corporate events at resorts in the cities on the coast, Elite Travel can deliver the best in touring experiences.

A Coastline Decorated With Luxury

When you think about a luxury hotel, you cannot do better than to consider one of the many glamorous and palatial facilities that Elite Travel can offer in the cities of Muscat, Salaleh, and Juweira, among others. One resort is located high in the mountains, offering truly lavish service at an elevation over 1400 above sea level. For the traveller who feels drawn to the ancient desert landscapes, tenting expeditions are also easily furnish by this outfit. Camping tents are sumptuous affairs, with fine dining provided under the stars of the Arabian landscapes. A special excursion to the Wahiba Desert dunes will introduce you to the great vista of red sands stretching off to the horizon, all enjoyed from the comfort of luxurious pillows and bedding.

The Waters of the Indian Ocean Lead to Excitement

One of the more exciting parts of exploring Oman comes from learning about the amazing water activities that are available. Elite Travel can present its clients with some of the best sport fishing in the world, out in the deep Indian Ocean. The reefs of the Gulf of Oman offer incredible opportunities for diving, windsurfing and snorkelling. For those who seek the more lavish tours, yachts can be chartered and the coastline can be explored, leading you to some of the most dramatic cliffside scenery on the Peninsula.

Enjoying the Gifts of the Desert Cities

A careful look at the city of Muscat can be a remarkable experience. The morning is a good time to visit the great Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, one of the world’s largest, and a source of great pride to the city. Two Portuguese forts remain standing by the city, and the local marketplace, the Muttrah Souk, has been in operation for centuries. Your day might end with a visit to the Al Zubair Museum, filled with ethnological exhibits. Elite Travel has numerous expeditions available throughout the nation of Oman, all designed to offer the best in bespoke touring to its clients.


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