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Excursionist, the VIP Pass to the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean

The premier luxury inbound Destination Management Company for the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. They design customized itineraries for individual travelers, family groups and corporations and package unique experiences, tours, transportation, and luxury accommodations. With exclusive VIP passes, after-hours tours, and unique experiences not offered to the public, Excursionist plans a variety of trips across the United States and the Caribbean, including Alaska, and Hawaii, as well as Canada.

Trips For All Types

Excursionist organizes vacations around specific interests to give their guests exactly what they are looking for. The main categories to choose from include: the arts, food and drink, people and cultures, sports and adventure, nature, social good, and wellness.

All Excursionist adventures are tailor-made, allowing travelers to choose what they want to see and do.  Excursionist caters trips for businesses looking to give their employees a weekend getaway, couples on their honeymoon, families on school break, and private journeys for people looking for something a little different than the average vacation.

Excursionist has partnerships with over 250 deluxe and boutique accommodations, including the top luxury brands, unique lodges, ranches, luxury motorhomes, and villas, where they pass on the best rates to their clients.

Something For Everyone

The company’s staff, guides, and drivers speak 15 major languages and proposals can be provided in the language of your choice.

For artists and activists, for businesses and families, Excursionist can help plan the right vacation and get behind-the-scenes access to places one may have only dreamed of going. Even to places, one may never have even thought about dreaming of.

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