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HL Adventure, An Event of Epic Proportions

HL Adventure is a destination management company that offers tours across the expanse of the arctic regions: Iceland, Greenland, Spitsbergen, Antarctica and even the North Pole. Their experienced team will guide you through amazing and rugged scenery and keep you warm and safe in a treacherous environment.

For a business planning a team getaway, or a travel professional, HL Adventure is the source of guidance to plan that adventure you never thought possible.

Designed Just For You

HL Adventure is a team of professionals with years of experience planning trips to seldom seen parts of the world. They work with you to plan your adventure each step of the way, making it unique, safe, and something you will never forget.

Their adventures go all over the arctic regions. Watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky from your sleeping bag as you lay in a luxury tent on a field of snow. Witness glowing larvae inside the depths of a cave as you explore during the day. See polar bears, penguins and wolves as you travel parts of the world that most people never even dream of going to.

Types of Trips

HL Adventure works with companies to plan trips for their team. Their list of past clients boasts some of the most well known companies in the world: Sony, Samsung, Shell, Volkswagen, Toyota, to name a few. HL Adventure will organize flawless events, conferences and meetings in the most stunning of locations.

They also offer luxury tours for people who crave adventure or desire to explore little known places. If you have a lust for braving the arctic terrain, enveloping yourself in breathtaking natural beauty, and adventuring outside of the normal tourist realm, contact HL Adventure to begin planning your trip of a lifetime.

Party Planners

Let HL Adventure take care of all the details. They are professional excursion planners, and provide you with well-trained guides to keep you safe and make sure you get the most out of your experience. HL Adventure provides you with the highest quality of dining, accommodations, transportation and activities. They will even provide you with a motivational speaker for your event.

Does a bottle of wine with a view of the Northern Lights sound appealing? What about an ice sculpture in the middle of a table of elegant food? HL Adventure will have everything set up and waiting for you when you bring your clients into a luxury camp set in the midst of breathtaking scenery.

Lava fields, glaciers, waterfalls, you choose the destination, and HL Adventure will take you there. The company began when explorer Jon Olafur decided to share his passion for nature and exploration. He led an expedition across Greenland, and it was so successful the idea for a company to plan other such excursions began.

So what do you say? Are you feeling brave and adventurous? Do you want to camp out in the wilderness, with a bottle of wine and a toasty tent? Do you want to go where few have gone before? Contact HL Adventure to plan your next business meeting, and build memories that will not only draw you closer together, but create bonds that will go much deeper than simply business partners.


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