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Luxury and excitement offered by IC Bellagio in Italy

When Andrea Grisdale ventured from Great Britain to Italy in the early nineties, she quickly fell in love with the land and the people. This passion for all things Italian was the beginning of a well renowned destination management company known as IC Bellagio. Since then, she has taken her own years of tour guide experienced, added the expertise of locals who know the land like their own children, and thus created a travel experience that is one of a kind in Italy. Forming her own company, Andrea is able to ensure that each guest is treated like Italian royalty when taking part in her many offered adventures.

A Collection of Italian Masterpieces

The collection of hotels that have been painstakingly assembled by IC Bellagio are all befitting of the most discerning traveller. When they say that a hotel offers luxury accommodation, it is the truest statement imaginable. Those who work with the destination management company travel through Italy extensively, and stay at each of the properties before offering them to guests. This way, they can ensure that the service is impeccable, as well as the location and the amenities.

There are many hotels to choose from when booking an itinerary with Andrea and her staff. Identifying and securing the finest hotels is not the only service offered by the staff, they also seek the foremost restaurants in the country. Setting the standards for fine dining, the restaurant collection of Bellagio is one of a kind. Guests will find a fine dining location to suit each of their needs, or even a casual eatery that exemplifies Italian gastronomy.

Pristine and Palatial Villas

The IC Bellagio’s Villa Collection impresses upon each guest the ideals of luxury. For an authentic Italian experience, one should stay in a villa, living as the Italians do. The collection is home to villas that offer country tranquility, bustling city atmosphere, or anything in between.

Choose Your Own Italian Experiences

With the opening of the Palazzo del Vice Re, IC Bellagio is pleased to introduce a new experience for guests with a passion for cuisine. The Cooking Experiences with our local chefs promise a journey of tastes and aromas that are simply stunning. They will teach travellers about the nature of Italian cuisine, along with the best ways to prepare classic and typical dishes.


IC Bellagio - Italy - Tuscan hills
IC Bellagio Cinque TerreIC Bellagio - Italy - Rome
IC Bellagio Rome San Pietro Square
IC Bellagio - Italy - Tuscany
IC Bellagio Cooking Lesson
IC Bellagio Lake
IC Bellagio Tuscan Landscape
IC Bellagio Positano
IC Bellagio - Italy - Venice
IC Bellagio - Italy - Venice Carnival masks
IC Bellagio - Italy - Lungarno
IC Bellagio - Italy - Olive harvest

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