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Iceland Encounter

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Iceland Encounter takes you through the most spectacular parts of Iceland

Iceland Encounter is a boutique tour operator in Reykjavik serving discerning visitors to Iceland. Travellers enjoy the highest levels of service and accommodation whilst visiting the country’s most scenic destinations.

Iceland offers visitors a unique opportunity to witness the creative forces of nature at work. Nowhere else can you see such a diverse array of geological phenomena on a week-long journey. With over thirty active volcanoes – and an abundance of glaciers, geysers, and waterfalls – Iceland is truly a land in formation. Experience the awe-inspiring landscape of Europe’s largest wilderness area as you travel with the expert guides in luxury 4×4 vehicles and private aircraft.

The custom itineraries combine a variety of activities including hiking, sailing, horseback riding, scuba-diving, snowmobiling, 4×4 expeditions, helicopter tours, and more. Each trip is tailored to travellers’ interests and preferences.

Iceland Encounter - Fumarole in IcelandIceland Encounter - AuroraIceland-Encounter-Black-Sand-BeachIceland-Encounter-HvannadalshnjukurIceland-Encounter-SvartifossIceland-Encounter-At-Jokularlon-Glacier-Lagoo

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