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Experience China in style with Imperial Tours

Imperial Tours operates a destination management company in the heart of China, with a philosophy and focus on hospitality and luxury experiences. Offering itineraries and tours that reach 15 different cities, guests of Imperial Tours will have the privileged opportunity to explore China through the eyes of a native.

From Private Touring to Custom Itineraries

Imperial Tours provides guests with a vast array of private touring and custom itinerary options. In the end, once all of the guest’s personalized selections are made, the result is a holiday which explores and experiences China to the fullest. Guests are treated to accommodations that are simply lavish, and fine dining options that are more than comparable to European food tours. In addition, travellers are exposed to many local families and experts, each with their own fantastic and colourful personality.

Luxury Experiences Await

As the most inclusive tour option, the See and Absorb Itineraries offer a highlight of China. Guests may find themselves learning the ancient arts of Tai Chi or Qigong, meeting Feng Shui Masters, or exploring the art of acupuncture. Other alternatives include small village tours, cocktail cruise tours from Hong Kong and visits with local and national art and history experts.

Combining the finest aspects of a wellness retreat with a gastronomic holiday, the Indulge and Savour Itineraries are a feast for the body and mind. Take time to indulge in a plethora of Eastern medicine practices, or visit a luxurious spa. Visit the haute couture fashion districts, or tour the amazing architecture that embellishes the land. Spend the entire holiday learning what real Chinese food is, how to create it, prepare it, and savour it.

The Chinese Culture Beckons

Carrying a long and storied heritage, Imperial Tours understands the great need to offer Culture and Aesthetics Tours that highlight China’s history. Guests will have the bespoke opportunity to meet a Literati, a true Renaissance man, tour museums and art galleries, visit the Mogao Grottoes, and attend seminars with famous archaeologists.

Guests who desire an itinerary that is immersive and impressive will select the Explore and Exchange tour option. Through this unique experience, travellers may participate in a number of activities that are meant to immerse the traveller into the Chinese world as completely as possible. From caravan rides to hiking the Great Wall of China, and plenty of opportunities to speak and interact with the locals, the chances for a fulfilling and enriching experience are endless.

An Experience for Each Type of Traveller

China is no stranger to corporate success, and as such, the Meetings and Events itineraries offered by Imperial Tours are second to none. Spend time with clients or associates golfing, dancing, and dining in some of the most acclaimed cities in the region.

As a family or group, let Imperial Tours design an itinerary that astounds and amazes, and appeals to the young or young at heart. Explore the martial arts styles of China, take tandem bicycle rides or boating excursions, or even learn to make your own hand-pulled noodles. Guests may explore and learn about the Giant Panda, with up close and personal interactions, or even learn to paint and draw Chinese characters.

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