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Journey Mexico

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Unveil the Hidden Beauty of Mexico with Journey Mexico

Journey Mexico is a destination specialist with decades of experience catering to the most discerning guests from all over the world. From preparing the finest private villas for family excursions and corporate retreats to crafting bespoke itineraries for the free independent traveller, Journey Mexico will be there to help craft a truly unforgettable Mexican travel experience.

Expert Guides and Operators for Creating Tailored Programmes

The people of Journey Mexico are its most prized asset, especially when bringing to life the wishes and desires of its most sophisticated and adventurous guests. Close communications allow the company’s destination specialists to match the desires of guests with Journey Mexico’s extensive array of services – creating unique, authentic and unforgettable travel experiences in the process.

A Wide Array of Destinations

Journey Mexico offers travel experiences that cover all sorts of destinations, from popular destinations such as Acapulco and Cancun to lesser-visited heritage sites such as Oaxaca and Chiapas. There are even a few options to explore off the beaten path, such as the visiting the Magic Towns and camping in the more remote regions of the country. This is where Journey Mexico’s destination specialists excel; offering their expert knowledge of local destinations to assist travellers in filling out their custom itineraries.

Transport to Fit a Variety of Needs

From chauffeured vans and buses to hot air balloon flights and charter planes, Journey Mexico ensures that the discerning traveller will be able to explore Mexico in whatever way they choose. Yachts, helicopters, limousines – all a traveller needs to do is select which transport option best fits their desires and Journey Mexico will be there to accommodate.

Bespoke Programmes for All Sorts of Travellers

Journey Mexico provides journeys that cater to all kinds and sizes of groups. Romantic honeymoons for couples, family travel with a special focus on children, educational journeys for students, incentive programmes to reward a job well done, free independent travellers looking to explore Mexico on their own terms, specialty journeys with a specific goal in mind – Journey Mexico’s destination specialists will surely be able to craft tailor-made programmes to suit the goals and objectives of its clients.

Private and Exclusive Accommodations

Journey Mexico connects clients to the accommodations of their choice. Five star city hotels, charming boutique hotels, deluxe beach resorts, centuries-old haciendas, spacious luxury villas – these accommodations and more are available to fill whatever a guest desires. What binds all these together, however, is an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence – from transport services that make the journey painless to ground staff that ensure everything is in tip-top shape.

Exclusive Offers and Complimentary Bonuses

Journey Mexico works tirelessly with its many partners to offer enticing and competitive programmes, from culinary delights like tequila tasting and complimentary gourmet meals to a complimentary night’s stay to help make a wonderful experience last just a little bit longer. This gives enterprising guests the opportunity to enhance the value of their bespoke journeys at no additional cost.

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