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Kudos Life Experiences, the Real Greece, Unreal Experiences

Greece, the cradle of civilization, with its crystal clear waters, whitewashed houses and wonderful food welcomes you. Visit one or more of the 227 inhabited islands where some of the oldest European civilizations were developed and see the ancient archeological sites and experience local customs and traditions dating back hundreds of years.

The Greek climate is beloved by all its visitors and is ideal for all outdoor activities. The safe waters and beaches invite you to swim, scuba dive and snorkel, as well as waterski and enjoy all types of water sports.

There are a number of meanings for the word Kudos but in the case of Kudos Life Experiences, only a few will be appropriate. Praise, prestige, distinction and renown stand out from the crowd, just as Kudos Life Experiences does. Their motto is “Real Greece, Unreal Experiences” and you get exactly what is promised.

Kudos Life Experiences showcases a side of Greek life not normally seen by tourists. Through their network you will get to see the real Greece, that of the Greek people going about their daily business and enjoying their lives out of the glare of package tourism.

Bespoke Travel Experiences

Bespoke travel experiences that cater to every type of traveller, from sophisticated and grand to rustic charm. Dedicated travel expert-managers listen carefully to your requirements so they have a clear understanding of the type of trip that would be a life experience for you. The expert will accompany you, planning and managing your trip every step of the way. They will even be your butler, if and when this is required.

The itineraries are created for you to experience not just physically but with your mind and soul. You may want to go on a journey of enlightenment, sail a yacht around the Ionian, Aegean or Mediterranean seas, or maybe your dream trip is to discover the art and history of Greece not normally on the tourist trails. Maybe you’d like to visit fishermen and their families in their quaint white cottages. All, and more, are possible.

Communication is paramount between you and your travel expert to ensure your trip is exactly what you envisage and no stone left unturned in your quest for a real life experience. Connections are important in this part of the world and Kudos specialists know everyone who can help make things happen.

If you’re tasked with organizing the Annual Conference for your company why not let Kudos Life Experiences take the pain out of the process? You will earn some kudos for yourself by organizing such a fantastic event.

Why Kudos Life Experiences?

Your journey with Kudos Life Experiences will be as they promise, a “real” Life Experience.


Kudos Life Experiences - Greece - Kalymnos ClimbingKudos Life Experiences - GreeceKudos-Life-Experiences - Traditional orthodox church at Thira of Santorini island in GreeKudos Life Experiences - Greece - Athens PlakaKudos Life Experiences - Greece - Afi flogas Olympic Games-OlympiaKudos Life Experiences - Greece - Navagio BeachKudos-Life-Experiences-Greece-SantoriniKudos-Life-Experiences-Greece-Epidaurus-TheaterKudos-Life-Experiences-Greece-Cave-DivingGreek Monastery on Mount Athos, Chalkidiki, Greece

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