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Immerse Yourself in Asia with Mandarin Journeys

Mandarin Journeys’ approach to travel is artisanal – it is travel that is handmade and handcrafted. Birthed from a vision to build a cultural bridge between the West and the Orient, Mandarin Journeys is not just about travelling to places and seeing the attractions; it is about a whole and complete experience.

Encounter Asia in a different light; A Mandarin Journey traveller is curious and inquisitive, and they seek to satiate that curiosity. They do not want to see the world from behind a glass wall, they want to get their feet wet and step into a place, get to know the people and be part of the heart and soul of the place. Mandarin Journeys eschew the conventional packaged vacations and tour groups – here, locations are handpicked, activities carefully curated, and the itineraries crafted. Behind Mandarin Journeys are a team of seasoned travellers with the know-how, and their guides are experienced and well-versed in the art of travel. If you are looking for a customised trip with a small group of friends or family, or with a select group, Mandarin Journeys is just the ticket for you.

The Many Faces and Facades of Asia

Mandarin Journeys offer a myriad of locations in Asia. Each location has a curated portfolio of accommodations, a list of relaxing activities to indulge in, and immersive cultural experiences that include partaking in local delicacies.

Venture into China, and explore the diverse landscape, the rich culture that originated from ancient times. With itineraries like ‘Super Mario Yunnan’, ‘Beer in Beijing’ and ‘The Master and His Temples’ you are bound to have a journey like no other. Or step into Japan, a country that has bustling city aglow in lights, sprawling rice fields and snow-peaked mountains.

Mandarin Journeys also offers locations in Southeast Asia. Savour Vietnam and her picturesque scenery, luscious cuisine and beautiful coasts. Journey into Thailand, and right into the heart and warmth of renowned Thai hospitality and right into the bowls of fiery tom yam goong. Visit Laos and explore her lush tropical nature and raft down the Mekong river. Foray into Cambodia and discover the ruins of the wats and learn more about the devastating period of the Khmer Rouge. Uncover Burma and her hidden gems that were long left kept out of the world’s view. See the numerous temples and the gilded stupas, and indulge in a bowl of catfish noodles by the roadside.

Mandarin Journeys works with local partners and weaves in sustainability throughout. They keep their excursions small and select, providing you with a tailor-made excursion that will thrill your senses in every way.

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