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Become a wanderer with Nomadic Expeditions in Mongolia

Nomads have been travelling through the unexplored lands of Asia for centuries, and with Nomadic Expeditions, you can become a nomad in Mongolia while enjoying a luxury travel experience. This destination management company promises to give each guest a once in a lifetime experience that is authentic in nature and displays a commitment to the Earth and environment.

Bespoke Travel Experiences

The trademark service offered by Nomadic Expeditions in Mongolia is a customized journey that is built around the tastes and desires of the traveller. Any of the group itineraries offered by the company are completely customizable to fit the needs of the guest. Personal interests and preferences are the keys to unlocking a nomadic journey that is unforgettable.

Private nomadic trips are exciting and invigorating for each guest of the travel company. Choose to explore Mongolia and its lesser known regions in your own way. Take exhilarating helicopter rides, journeys by land into small villages, or via boat on the breathtaking waters in the region. The landscape of Mongolia was meant for expedition and is waiting for you.

Families will find that a nomadic expedition through Mongolia offers a chance for reconnection and quality memory making. Combining cultural education, history exploration, and stunning adventure, even the youngest nomad will discover a new world when taking part in a family expedition.

Luxury Lodge Accommodation

While adventuring in nomadic fashion, guests are welcomed into the open arms of the Three Camel Lodge. This authentic accommodation point provides traditional Gers which have been utilized by nomads for centuries. Do not let the simplistic style fool you though, as each Ger is lavishly appointed to the fullest. With forty different Gers to choose from, guests are treated to an experience that is both extravagant and serene.

Dining at the Three Camel Lodge is offered at the Bulagtai Restaurant. This sumptuous eatery provides fine dining in a casual atmosphere. Explore the flavours of Mongolian and Western dishes, artfully prepared in the fashions of the great Khans. Dino Lounge, the show stopping and breathtaking temple structure at the lodge provides a fantastic retreat from the heat, complete with a fireplace, bar and open air swings.

While staying in the lodge, indulge you tired muscles and overworked mind at the Massage Ger. Specialized treatments will relax and rejuvenate the entire being after a long day of Mongolian exploration. Afterwards, head over to the Three Camel Lodge Shop to find the finest boutique and artisanal products, all handcrafted in the region.

Exploring the Magnificence of Mongolia

Though the hospitality services of Nomadic Expeditions and the Three Camel Lodge are purely exquisite, the star of any journey is the country of Mongolia itself. Guests will discover amazing sights in every corner of the country. From the pristine Alpine forests of Northern Mongolia to the ancient burial grounds in the Western region, the possibilities are endless. Every guest will want to spend time exploring the Gobi Desert in Southern Mongolia, where the ecosystems are unimaginably diverse.

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