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Exploring the beauty and wonder of the Nordic countries with Nordic luxury

Nordic Luxury offers bespoke experiences for those seeking to explore the Nordic region and discover the culture and uniqueness of each destination and its people. Nordic Luxury’s clients trust that they are in the very best of hands while their guides and destination experts lead them through adventures and once-in a-lifetime experiences enjoyed in the most luxurious way.
Nordic Luxury’s head office is based in Iceland but their expertise exceeds to Greenland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Interested parties need only get in touch with Nordic Luxury to learn more about their services within Iceland and beyond.

Getting in touch with dedicated destination experts

Nordic Luxury aims to cater to the desires of the most discerning and demanding clients around the world. It is a matter of pride for Nordic Luxury to create truly memorable experiences, which is where its dedicated destination experts come in. The destination experts at Nordic Luxury have a first-hand and current knowledge of the whole region. They understand the details of each destination, so they know how best to use the time and resources to create a journey of a lifetime.

These experts provide the knowledge and personal planning needed to create a truly bespoke itinerary for prospective clients. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to listen to what travellers want and expect, to take note of even the minutest of details, and to ultimately sort everything out for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

All trips are tailor made to fit each and every client’s needs and wants: it’s all about matching knowledge, creative thinking and logistics expertise to client’s expectations. Nordic Luxury’s destination experts also love challenging themselves by constantly creating and presenting new ideas to the clients and strive to be ahead of the curve. They have the ability to take their clients off the beaten path where few have been before and helping them step out of their comfort zone and discover new ways of life.

Nordic Luxury has private access to some of the most luxurious lodges and villas in the region, serviced to the highest standard and boasts their own private luxury vehicle fleet – to be exclusively used by their clients.

Exploring Iceland and the other Nordic countries in many exciting ways

Iceland is a vast land which can be at times completely out of this world – which is why Nordic Luxury offers many ways to experience this amazing country. Walking or hiking tours are available, where a friendly guide helps visitors navigate the various glaciers and mountain ranges of Iceland before roughing out a chilly Icelandic winter night in a tent. Jet around the glaciers in a snowmobile before being served a privately catered lunch in a man-made ice-tunnel or decent into a dormant volcano and take a dip into the Blue Lagoon or one of the many other geothermal pools around. Adventure seekers will have a hard time prioritizing the activities and experiences available.

Discovering Iceland in a helicopter provides a comfortable birds-eye view of Iceland’s ice fjords and lava fields before landing beside a remote restaurant for humar or Icelandic lobster. Then there’s the option of arranging transport on Icelandic horses – which evoke a distinctly Icelandic experience thanks to their shaggy, stoic and sure-footed nature – right before retiring to an isolated lodge for a sauna bath. There are also options to go cruising along tranquil fjords, kayaking along the Icelandic coastlines or white water rafting along the more turbulent rivers of North and South Iceland.

Lapland in the wintertime with Nordic Luxury makes for a family vacation of a lifetime. Dog sled though the unique landscape while enjoying the northern lights. Soak in the traditional finish saunas, feel the warmth of the charismatic sami people and experience their lifestyle. Go on a reindeer safari, parasail from a snowmobile, drive a sport car on an ice trail, experience the land from above in a private helicopter tour, ice-fish or do all of the above while you indulge on local cuisine prepared for you in your luxury lodge by your private chef.
The Scandinavian capitals of Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen are truly a haven for cuisine enthusiasts, culture and design lovers, with cutting edge shops, studios, art galleries and a thriving restaurant and bar scene.

We encourage you to take your travel beyond the big cities to discover the lesser uninhabited lands of the north. You can visit a private island on the Stockholm archipelago, where you will have an amazing experience sailing and accommodating in luxury tented camp out in the nature leaving only a “green footprint” and memories of a lifetime. You can discover the deep Norwegian fjords from a new perspective as you hike and travel the lands with locals – Visit in the wintertime and you can experience the northern lights dancing in the sky above.

For those seeking something truly beyond the beaten path, we can customize special tours to Greenland and Svalbard where travelers can immerse in the raw unforgiving nature and experience local cultures unlike anything they have ever experienced before.

You can trust that no matter what your dream trip looks like, your destination expert at Nordic Luxury will leave no stone unturned to achieve an adventure of a lifetime.

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