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Experience Southeast Asia with Smiling Albino

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Smiling Albino is a leading Southeast Asian custom luxury tour and adventure travel company specialized in hand-crafting memorable journeys through some of Asia’s most fascinating countries. Powered by a team of travel aficionados, Smiling Albino delivers engaging and attractive activities in a variety of mesmerizing venues, all woven in an once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The key words are continued exploration and unique experiences.

The Perfect Introduction to Southeast Asia

Since its establishment in 1999, Smiling Albino has been growing exponentially, both in size and reach, becoming one of the leading providers of luxury travel services in Southeast Asia. The company’s main focus is on offering travellers cultural experiences that are immersive and enriching, with trips throughout Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, as well as Nepal, Cambodia and Myanmar.

The refined services Smiling Albino offers are a result of the company’s commitment and personal involvement in scouting each area to discover the best local flavors and experiences for its travelers. Carefully planned, highly original adventures await you, all of them wrapped up in safety and comfort. Wherever you choose to go with Smiling Albino, their high level of knowledge and insight into the local history and culture will sprinkle magic over your travels, so that you will return full of unique stories to tell.

Smiling Albino creates outstanding experiences and travel memories by carefully organizing tours that encourage single adventurers as well as families to taste Asia’s vibrant flavors. With activities ranging from bike rides, paddling, hiking, scootering, whitewater rafting, and skydiving to BASE jumping, Smiling Albino energizes you and pushes your limits. If you’re looking for excitement and a new level of fun, the company makes sure you’re in the right place, at the right time.

From Thailand to Myanmar

Services for family tours are tailored according to your wants and needs so that every family can experience a most enjoyable and relaxing trip. One of the main attractions offered by Smiling Albino is undoubtedly Thailand or the Land of Smiles, where you will discover the jungles of Chiang Rai, the emerald waters of Krabi, or the mega city that is Bangkok, with its fascinating Buddhist architecture. The Kingdom of Thailand and its splendor is, in fact, what inspired the company’s mission of sharing Thailand’s beauty with the world. Smiling Albino takes you through Thailand’s vibrant cities, ancient ruins, stunning tropical beaches, fascinating temples and glorious jungles, following creative itineraries that will help you discover the best the country has to offer.

Another attraction of the region is Myanmar, which is probably the most geographically diverse country of Southeast Asia, and also one of the most spiritual. Modern Myanmar is a mysterious, unexplored territory whose secrecy, as well as its superb white-sand beaches and startling Himalayas, promise to steal your heart. With Smiling Albino you can experience Myanmar at its best.

Discover Southeast Asia

Immerse yourself in the historic and cultural, as well as geographical treasures of SE Asia, from the hills of Central Vietnam to the South China seas, over dazzling mountains and through jungle valleys, and you will be enthralled by the diversity of activities that await you. Experience Southeast Asia with Smiling Albino and the wonders of a magical land will unfold before you.

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