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Tahiti Nui Travel, your guide to green islands in beautiful water

The island paradise, the tropical adventure, the South Pacific seas, these are all real places that have been absorbed into our dreams. And while the Windward Islands of French Polynesia may not be perfect, they are a wonderful place to rest and relax. Set about six hundred miles south of the Equator, and about two thousand miles from the nearest continent, Australia, the islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, and Maupiti, among others, float in the warm waters of the ocean, cooled by westerly breezes and the occasional thunderstorm. November to April is the wet season, and the island mountains rise as high as 2,200 thousand feet. In the capital city of the principality of Pape’ete you will find Tahiti Nui Travel, a bespoke tour guide, able to place you in the most lavish of the islands’ luxury hotels, or on the most private boutique lodges on the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The Passion of a Lover’s Tropical Day

The experience of the South Pacific is a grand and great one, encompassing an ocean and a way of life that is lost to the modern world. Tahiti Nui Travel will be able to guide your explorations of this vast and watery world through bespoken arrangements with hotels, lodges, diving operations, cultural encounters, eco-tours and every other experience that an adventurous traveller might wish to enjoy. At the furthest range stands Rapa Nui, Easter Island, reachable by special flights from Pape’ete, while closer to the Tahitian base, there are any number of locations where you might stay for a few days of pure, sun-soaked relaxation. The sands on the different beaches of the archipelago may be black, white, and even pink, on the isolated Rangiroa atoll. Tahiti Nui Travel can offer lovers and newly-weds some of the most romantic events in the entire, world, placing couples on thatched cottages, called faré, and providing bespoken explorations with helicopter tours, and chartered boating expeditions, on either sail or motor powered vessels.

The Pleasure of a Child’s Journey

Tahiti Nui Travel also welcomes families to its luxury bookings and bespoke events. The agency can assist parents and children in attending some of the most entertaining events in the region, such as the Moorea Dolphin Centre, or even introduce them to the turtles of Bora Bora, where the Protection Centre operated by the Ministry of the Polynesian Environment educates attendees about the near-extinction of these amazing ocean reptiles. The island hosts several festivals every year, and you can arrange your bespoke tour to include the events that most interest you. Your bespoke experience of the islands can also include such distinctive Polynesian recreations as pearl diving and outrigger canoeing.

Enjoy a Bespoken Introduction to a Genuine Paradise

When you have completed a day of water sports, explorations of the mountains inland and the sands of the beaches, and generally become exhausted, you can enjoy the many spa services that Tahiti Nui Travel will gladly arrange. Whether booked at your resort or independently located, Tahiti features numerous spa agencies that are designed for resort and deluxe visitors. The islands also provide a bounty of delicious foods for guests: no matter where you may travel in the archipelago, Tahiti Nui Travel can direct you to fine dining on the freshest local cuisine, in the most formal or informal settings. When you allow Tahiti Nui Travel to create a bespoken luxury experience for your South Pacific tour, you will enjoy the best of the world’s original tropical paradise.


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