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Experience the Beauty of the Wilderness with Time + Tide

Time + Tide partners with Norman Carr and Chongwe Safaris to offer guests three options to explore the wilderness of Zambia. With expert guides, and plenty of cake, Time + Tide will make sure your experience is successful and fun.

Liuwa Plain Safaris

A four or five night safari into the heart of Africa leaves visitors more aware of their world, and of the efforts to conserve it. You will travel to Matamanene, the only permanent camp in the Liuwa National Park. The land is full of animals: wildebeests, cheetahs and hyenas. It’s a great opportunity for photographers to get close-up shots of wildlife.

Time + Tide collaborates with African Parks Zambia and the Zambian Carnivore Programme, not only providing guests with safari trips and animal sightings, but also teaching them about the animals and about the efforts to preserve their habitats.

Guests have the opportunity to discover the secrets of the African safari as they explore with their guide. Each day, they will be taken out into the wilderness, and have opportunities to walk around and get up close to some of the animals. On some days you will lunch right by a watering hole, watching animals refresh themselves as you enjoy your own lunch.

It’s an early morning, but Time + Tide always provides guests with midmorning and midafternoon tea and cake. And of course, a freshly cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner over the fire. A favorite activity is enjoying a drink while watching the sun set over the wide plains of the African safari.

Chongwe Safaris

Chongwe Safaris has been operating in Africa for seventeen years. They have numerous options for travelers, including tented suites, the Kasaka River Lodge, and the Chongwe River House.

Chongwe Safaris offers a plethora of activities. They take drives both during the day and at night to view the wild animals, but they also have walking tours. Their specialties are boat and canoe tours. Guests can paddle in their own canoe along one of the largest rivers in Africa, getting closer to nature and to the animals. The area around the river is lush with vegetation and flowers.

Norman Carr

Time + Tide partners with Norman Carr to provide an exceptional safari experience. Norman Carr was a conservationist who began the tradition of walking safaris, establishing Luangwa’s first camp in 1950. The team of Norman Carr guides who accompany Time + Tide trips are experts in their fields, well trained and experienced.

Norman Carr safaris can travel to any of their six different camps in South Luangwa. They have a variety of trips, mostly ranging from seven to ten days, as well as a one-day option. This option is for the brave at heart who want to spend a night sleeping out under the stars.

Guests have the chance to plan their own safari trip, with choices such as photographic safaris, birding safaris, night drives, or a special honeymoon. The Norman Carr company has been at it for over sixty years, so they know exactly how to accommodate your specific needs.


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