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Experience Greece Through the Eyes of the Destination Masters at Travelive

Travelive is a global destination master that specializes in Greek holiday escapes. Their unique list of elegant offerings span from the traditional luxury vacation to the more exotic Mediterranean cruise and bespoke private yacht charters. Well respected throughout Europe and the United States are a provider of the finest hospitality, this destination master has truly perfected the holiday experience in Greece.

The Destination of Greece

Traveling to Greece is a wholly different experience than most people anticipate. While the land itself and the people are just as immaculate as you have come to expect, the culture of the region is what leaves a lasting impression. The Greeks celebrate their heritage in everything they do, every building they erect, and every culinary masterpiece they conceive.

Greece owns a history that is entrenched in the birth of our civilization. Visitors to the region will find themselves exploring the monuments and ruins of mythical locations that are otherwise only dreamed about. Enjoy the privilege of walking in the same steps as Socrates and Alexander the Great.

Holidays on the Greek Islands

Island hopping takes on a whole new meaning in Greece, where the elite travel in style and luxury. Travelive provides itineraries that bring guests to the idyllic settings of Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete. Find yourself surrounded by the most brilliant white sands and crystalline waters, while lavishing in the entertainment of the islands that is truly one of a kind.

Mainland excursions in Greece are adventures through the past and present. Explore areas like Sparta and Olympia, Delphi and Athens, to discover the rich heritage of the region. Cities such as Meteora and Costa Navarino are tucked away from the crowds, and well worth the trip.

Hellenic Honeymoons

The Greek people know how to celebrate love, which is a why a honeymoon to this land is so memorable. Travelive has created six seductive Greek honeymoon options, each with an enviable level of hospitality. Choose to celebrate your vows on the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos, reveling in your love and the warm sunshine.

With the Romantic Escape Honeymoon Package, guests have the chance to explore the history of Greece and their new life mate. Starting in Athens, this twelve night adventure takes you through the islands and ends on the utopian beaches of Crete. Taste the flavors of the land along the way, including the sumptuous wines made in the country.

When sailing is your holiday method of choice, experience the complete romance of the Hellenic Beauty and Private Yacht Honeymoon Package. This offering takes lovers from Athens to Santorini over twelve nights of romantic bliss.

Travelive Alternative

The destination masters at Travelive have honed their Greek holiday skills over years of planning and expertise. This professional group of travel specialists oversees holiday experiences in Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Egypt, along with their phenomenal Greek offerings. A superior level of luxury and extravagance is discovered through each of their tailor made itineraries.

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