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Embark On a Nourishing Journey of the Mind and the Senses Through the Enchanting East with Ventours

From the vibrancy of India to the ultimate Tibetan tranquillity, with Ventours you can experience the enchantment of the most opulent accommodations while touring a region that is wonderfully foreign and startlingly rich in new experiences. Ventours is all about the journey into the mesmerizing East. At any moment, a great moment.

Named by CNBC as the best boutique travel company in the region, Ventours originated in 1986, after a group of worldly travelers came together to discover the mysteries and exotic nature of India. It was to be a life-changing trip, out of which arose an irresistible desire to share with others a new, magical land that Westerners were only beginning to explore and understand. They set off to create a unique destination master company providing special Eastern travel experiences, and Ventours was born.

With a consummate focus on luxury style travel and leisure, Ventours offers the insights and expertise of not just travel guides, but scholars and historians, artists and philosophers.

From India to Tibet, From Nepal to Bhutan

To understand how the Ventours experience began, you only need take a trip to India. A country of many faces and purposes, guests cannot help but fall in love with the amazing world of colors and perceptions, just as the company’s originators did many years ago. India is the land where karma is more than a cliché, and elephants are more common than rainbows.

For a destination that is more of a hidden paradise than your typical escape, Sri Lanka is the ideal landscape to get lost in. Cerulean waters meet iridescent beaches, ancient culture collides with state of the art cuisine and a bustling nightlife.

A journey with Ventours to Nepal is a wonderful opportunity to reinvent yourself. Spend your days touring the enchanting local monasteries or climbing epic peaks. Spend your evenings dining on sumptuous flavours, while drifting on the waves of international music, vibrant and uplifting.

For an idyllic honeymoon retreat, the Maldives proffer grand excitement in quaint packaging. With many options for recreation, the sensual coastlines and hypnotizing sounds of drums will leave you breathless and delighted.

A step back in time, Bhutan represents all of the unfettered glory of an eastern medieval kingdom. Cloistered from the progress and technology that moulded the surrounding nations, this unique land has retained its original character and way of life. Visitors to Bhutan will immediately understand why the native peoples are so full of joy and ease.

A deeply nourishing monastic experience awaits those who venture to Tibet, complete with the waving majesty of prayer flags and the quiescence of a holy land. This is the country where you begin a journey of exploration that inevitably ends in self-discovery.

Create Your Own Adventure

Your experience with Ventours is completely dependent upon your own choices and interests. You may plan your trip to regain peace and tranquillity, explore new lands, or reconnect with your loved one. However you choose to plan your journey, be prepared for the unexpected – a trip that is more luxurious for your mind and for your senses than you ever thought possible.

With over 30 years of experience in arranging unforgettable personal journeys and their very own network of offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Udaipur, Varanasi and Jodhpur, Ventours ensures quality control and a unified travel philosophy that is deeply nourishing. The Ventours experience can be compared to a selective Private Travel Club for the ultimate Eastern travel experience.

A specialist in Private Jet expeditions within Bhutan, India, Nepal, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Tibet, Ventours prides itself in being the only travel outfit with a corresponding aviation company, providing large non-commercial aircraft and a variety of smaller private jets operating in South Asia, with official licenses to procure landing permissions, parking, or crewing at military and smaller airports. In this stream, they account for the highest revenue from the U.S into upmarket destinations such as Bhutan, Mustang and Sri Lanka.

A travel company is only as good as its associations, and Ventours strives to have the best. Starting with Intrav’s Around the World by Concorde decades ago, the company represents ultimate luxury such as TCS Private Jet Expeditions, and Fischer Travels. High profile non-profits featured in their portfolio include National Geographic, Guggenheim and the Asian Art Museum, as well as SFO, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the Art Institute of Chicago.

More than luxury, more than startlingly rich experiences, Ventours celebrates the magic and the beauty of the enchanting East. Let your journey East begin.

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