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Arctic Kingdom Private Journeys

Arctic Kingdom’s Private Journeys are fully-customized private trips to the high Arctic. For individuals, groups and families, these tailor-made Arctic experiences take travellers on an adventure of a lifetime in exclusive and remote locations.

From dinner at the North Pole to floating above the top of the world in a hot air balloon, and diving with some of the world’s most elusive and incredible creatures, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Arctic Kingdom creates amazing custom experiences from start to end, and getting you there is just the beginning. If your ideal journey sets off with a private jet, helicopter, yacht, or more, they can make it happen.

Bucket-list experiences in breathtaking places

The Canadian Arctic is one of the most spectacular places on the planet. Home to the world’s greatest natural phenomena; glaciers, icebergs and the renowned Northern Lights, as well as incredible wildlife and vast landscapes, it’s a must-see destination for travellers seeking a unique adventure.

Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts can have opportunities to view pods of narwhal and beluga at the floe edge, polar bears and possibly cubs, walrus, and more, up-close in their unspoiled natural habitat. Itineraries are customized with activities that can include privately guided helicopter tours, boat trips on the Arctic Ocean, hiking some of Canada’s most stunning national parks, and kayaking or snorkeling amongst incredible ice formations on the glacier-studded coast of Baffin Island.

No amazing Arctic adventure is complete without delicious food. Each of Arctic Kingdom’s Private Journeys include gourmet meals. Executive chefs customize menus, including local delicacies, to fit your taste. What better way to end a day of wildlife sightings and incredible bucket-list experiences than with mouth-watering appetizers and a gourmet meal?

Bringing Arctic dreams to life

Imagine discovering the majestic icebergs and glaciers of the high Arctic by private plane or helicopter, experiencing intimate wildlife encounters, or getting a front-row seat to the magical Northern Lights. Arctic Kingdom’s Private Journeys make your dreams a reality.


Photo Credits: Arctic Kingdom

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