Dinaric Adventures


Dinaric Adventures – Time is the ultimate luxury

Dinaric Adventures closed their eyes, connected to their roots, and found inspiration in the very spring of the Cetina river.

Humbled by the fact it has been the foundation of existence in inland Dalmatia and its brightest jewel, they decided to show it gratitude by telling its story through Dinaric Adventures…

… an adventure DMC and an in-house ground operation handler highly specialized in crafting and delivering artisan luxury, yet impactful Croatian outdoor journeys and experiences, spanning seas, rivers, mountains, and thousands of years of history, showcasing Croatia and beyond through signature itineraries that allow guests to live and interact with the local community. The itineraries are carefully curated for curious travellers who vary in age, interests, and travel preferences. But they all have one thing in common - they seek singular and immersive experiences that satisfy their adventurous spirit and desire for exclusivity.