Doric Eco Boutique Resort & Spa – Sicily


Doric Eco Boutique Resort & Spa – Sicily – Knowing where we come from to find out where we are going

Doric Eco Boutique Resort ✭✭✭✭✭ is a hidden gem immersed into the UNESCO landscape of the Valley of the Temples. Combining the best of Sicilian hospitality with an eco-friendly approach, Doric provides the perfect experience to re-connect body and soul.

Hospitality is ingrained in the DNA of Sicilians and it is fundamental for them to welcome guests making them feel at home. Welcomed with a typical Sicilian granita, Doric guests are immediately amazed by the breath-taking view of the Valley of the Temples and by the fragrances of aromatic plants in the Hotel’s garden.

Due to its strategic location, Doric combines modernity and tradition offering a wide range of experiences: from archaeological sites to contemporary arts, from Sicilian cooking classes at the Hotel’s pistachio grove to marvellous infinity pools.

Eco-sustainability is at the core of Doric’s philosophy. The Hotel uses photovoltaic and solar thermal systems equipped with storage batteries, trying to balance between production and consumption, and has an excellent phyto-purification system to recreate the environment’s natural self-purification processes. Furthermore, Doric gourmet kitchen pays particular attention to the selection of the best gastronomic and oenological products coming exclusively from local sources and from the Hotel’s vegetable garden, to allow a total immersion in the authenticity of ancient Sicilian flavours from a modern perspective.

Doric Eco Boutique Resort firmly believes that the protection and promotion of the territory is an indispensable part of supporting environmental sustainability; therefore, they are actively engaged in a policy aimed at enhancing the cultural heritage and gastronomy of Sicily, stimulating the growth of local entities.