Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs – where history comes back to life in a magical way

You’ve read about the Wild West.  You’ve read about ghost towns.  You’ve read about adventures; it’s high time you had one for yourself.  Dunton Hot Springs is a resort in a renovated ghost town in Dunton, Colorado.  Cabins can be rented individually, or the entire town can be rented out exclusively.  The charming mix of antique cabins and modern lifestyle, along with a plethora of activities makes Dunton Hot Springs a hot spot to visit. The cabins at Dunton Hot Springs were hand-built, each with a unique style. No two cabins are alike.  Some of the original cabins from the mining town still exist, having been restored to life. All of the cabins are built in a circle around the main building, housing the saloon and the dance hall.  There are thirteen different cabins to choose from, ranging from a cozy retreat for two to a full house with a kitchen that sleeps ten people. Guests are treated to a blast from the past when they stay at Dunton Hot Springs.  Away from the world of cell phones (although there is high-speed internet available), they can mosey around the dance hall, play cards in the saloon, or sit out enjoying the mountain view, calmed by the continuous lull of the waterfall. There is also a library open for guests, a chapel, perfect for weddings, and a spa.  Everything needed to host a corporate meeting or a beautiful wedding can be provided at Dunton Hot Springs resort.  Renting the whole town will host 44 people.  In the summer, Cresto Ranch with its beautiful tents can also be rented, making it possible to house 60 people.

There are mountains all around, and too many activities to have time for.  Just soaking in the hot springs, enjoying the view is enough to keep you occupied.  There are six areas to enjoy the hot springs, their temperatures ranging from 85 degrees F to 106 degrees F.  But before you sink in for a relaxing hour or two, go explore the local area. Summer and Winter each provide different activities for guests of Dunton Hot Springs to enjoy.  In the summer, go horseback riding through the Rocky Mountains, fly fishing on the private Dolores River, rafting on the Animas River, or take an archeological tour through the desert.  For the artistically minded who want to capture the beautiful landscape, there are photography and fine art classes.  When the snow comes and blankets the resort, it becomes a whole new world. Skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, ice climbing, snowmobiling and dog-sledding are some of the activities.


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