Easia Exclusive

cambodia, vietnam, laos, myanmar & thailand - destination master

Travel in Awe, Return a Storyteller

Easia Exclusive is a boutique DMC that caters for travel designers and luxury concierges with discerning travelers who value human and cultural encounters as highly as they regard the cocoons of comfort, safety and reassurance luxury travel affords.

Their overseas partners’ clients include royal families, sporting legends, Fortune 500 CEO’s, politicians, actors and more who expect every aspect of their journey to be considered thoroughly in advance, and for their every whim to be anticipated.

Easia Exclusive understands your customers are discerning. They appreciate your expectations. They recognize the demand to help you provide ‘the exceptional’ for your clients. Approaching every journey in a unique way, they strive to not only be different but uncompromisingly singular – an exception known as standard in the luxury mindset.

Experts on Southeast Asia, based in Southeast Asia, their teams and their comprehensive services are tailored to serve you with cultural exploration and immersive, authentic experiences for your clients, hand-picked in accordance to your traveler’s individual travel style and curated by their most veteran travel designers.