Egylière Travel

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Crafting your Travel Story

Egylière Travel is a privately-owned luxury travel agency based in Cairo, Egypt. They provide completely tailor-made travel experiences to suit every need, want, and whim - from leisure vacations and business trips to family holidays, romantic getaways, and pilgrimages and while raising cultural and environmental awareness along the way.

They believe everyone is different: everyone has different aspirations, interests, fears, and dreams. So, they strive to make each individual’s experience as unique as possible. They see their success in the happiness of our customers. Their care begins with insightful personal advice from our consultants, planning and arranging travel services, and extends throughout the trip and after-service care. Quality is our promise and also our self-perception. They continuously develop and implement strict quality measures based on the combined experiences of our staff. We extend our quality standards through our select network of suppliers and agents worldwide.

They don’t follow travel market trends, they pride themselves on working towards creating the future of the Egyptian travel market, by systematically innovating new processes, great escapes, special interest travel, and most importantly, sophisticated corporate travel services. Their brand belongs to you, our customer. Hence, we are governed by our obsession to serve our customers well. A customer-centric mindset dictates where and when the customer needs them.