Elite Travel Premium Experiences


Elite Travel Premium Experiences believes in the transformative power of travel

At Elite Travel Premium Experiences, they believe that travel is not just about seeing new places and trying new things. It's about transformation, inspiration, and making connections. Their mission is to create travel experiences that resonate with travellers long after they leave this part of the world.

As one of the leading Croatian DMCs with over 20 years of experience in destination management, the company specializes in luxury and experiential travel. Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, or the Balkan region, the DMC leaves no stone unturned: discovering the destination's hidden gems is their passion and they enjoy creating the "wow" factor for travellers.

With their extensive knowledge and expertise in event planning, they have organized gala events, functions, anniversaries, and unique programmes, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Their passionate and dedicated team of experts is at your disposal for any travel planning needs.